3EN and SureCert create digital screening service

Cloud solutions company 3EN has teamed up with tech leaders SureCert to create a programme designed to screen job candidates quickly and efficiently. The partnership will help 3EN continue to hire roles across its Holywood, London and Bonn bases as the company looks to a future of office-based and remote working.

3EN’s new partnership with SureCert will ensure that all candidates applying for jobs at the company are digitally background checked during the hiring process. SureCert will use its world-leading, cutting edge technology to provide the service for 3EN.

With offices in Belfast, London and Edinburgh, SureCert is working with companies across the UK to help them adapt to the virtual recruitment process through digital interviewing, contract exchanges and background checks.

As one of the world’s leading Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Resource Management Solutions Partners, 3EN has appointed SureCert to speed up the process of background checks while recruiting new members of staff. 3EN were previously performing these checks manually as part of its internal processes.

Dale Cree, CEO of 3EN, said:   “The importance of trust has been heightened over the past year for both clients and colleagues. We want to recruit the best and most trusted candidates for our clients and that’s why we’re working with SureCert to guarantee a process of efficient and timely checks on all prospective 3EN employees.”

Ian Savage, Founder and CEO of SureCert added: “It’s fantastic to team up with Dale and his talented team at 3EN for this new partnership. 3EN helps its clients improve efficiency through cloud software, mirroring SureCert’s own process. We use technology to take away the pain, time and cost inflicted on businesses during background checks of candidates and I’m looking forward to working with 3EN to help play a role in their continued growth.”

To find out more about the services and products 3EN can offer visit https://3en.cloud/

For more information on SureCert visit https://www.surecert.com/