22,500 Scrubs delivered with the help of firmus energy

A team of local sewers across Northern Ireland has come together with firmus energy to help produce and deliver 22,500 scrubs to front line workers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Donations for the cause now stand at £30k, which is being used to buy materials for a growing network of seamstresses who form part of the NI Scrubs group. In addition to the 22,000 scrubs, a total of 12,000 masks, 3,500 hats and 700 gowns have been created with 10 sub-groups across Northern Ireland, joining in the response effort.

Using a donated firmus energy van, firmus employee and seamstress, Angeline Murphy has been an integral figure in the coordination effort, sourcing, cutting and delivering materials, working with local sub-groups and distributing materials to the growing network and hospitals.

Speaking about the impact firmus energy’s donation has made Angeline said, “firmus has made a massive impact on NI Scrubs – as the first company to give us the confidence financially and mentally. Their donation has allowed us to bulk buy fabric and get it pre-cut with laser cutters in our local aerospace company.

“A total of 800 scrubs have been made with firmus energy’s donation for delivery across Northern Ireland. On top of the £5,000, firmus also donated a van to use to deliver scrub pre-cuts to sub-groups and hospitals. We are so grateful to firmus energy and other industry colleagues who have really got behind this important cause.”

Clara Maybin, NI Scrubs Founder added; “When I first set up NI Scrubs back in March I don’t think anyone was quite expecting it to become such a huge campaign. It’s captured the hearts of the Northern Ireland folk and created a huge community spirit. Without the help from businesses like firmus energy, this would not have been possible. I would like to thank them so much for their generous donation and assistance with deliveries. We are forever indebted.”

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