Online Gambling Statistics in Finland

Online gambling has been the rage for many years and although it started in the ’90s, its popularity skyrocketed lately especially during the onset of the pandemic. Now, Finland is known for its highest rank in all forms of gambling in Europe. Around 78% of the population gambles and the most popular is the online casino.

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As mentioned, Finland at present is one of the countries which enjoyed gambling so much that people place a bet in all forms of gambling activities such as lottery, sports betting, casino betting both online and land-based. Statistics showed that in 2017, the majority of the manual workers were the leading bracket who played online gambling games followed by the lower-level employees then the upper-level employees according to the socioeconomic survey 2021. The lowest so far are the pensioners. By gender, around 27% of the male population plays online games and roughly 20% in women.

online gambling finlandFinland Gambling Laws

It is compulsory that one has to be aware of the gambling laws of Finland if it so happened that you might visit the country and try gambling. Currently, the country’s gambling activities has been monopolized by the four licensees both land-based and online, and has been officially licensed by the Ministry of Interior:

Ray or Raha-automaattiyhdistys

Ray is the pioneer of all four entities and still holds the major concerns and decisions of all gambling activities in the country. Ray is responsible for land-based casinos, slot machines, roulette, and table games.

Veikkaus Oy

This entity is responsible for sports betting, the national lottery, and instant wins.

Fintoto Oy

The horse racing sector is under its wing.

  • PAF or Ålands Penningautomatförening

It is a regulatory organization based on the Aland island of Finland and is responsible for the casino of cruise lines as well as physical gaming activities on the island.

Latest Update

On January 1, 2017, the three entities in mainland Finland merged to form a larger entity called Veikkaus. It is a betting agency that looks after both land-based and online casinos in the country.

Even in the existence of Veikkaus, Ray and PAF are still the two certified legal gambling sites that are recognized by the government of Finland to oversee all gambling activities in the mainland and Aland Island. Ray is the first and the most powerful among all the entities and PAF is the only gambling operator on the island of Aland.

Final Insight:

Overall, people in Finland have a passion for all forms of entertainment which includes gambling. However, they have to follow strict regulations in gambling imposed by their high authority to monitor the people’s wagering activities. Controlling wagering activities of the people is the main goal of their government to prevent future stumbling blocks that might arise.


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