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As online casino interest grows across the globe, players everywhere are heading online to see for themselves the excitement of this burgeoning industry.

Whether you enjoy poker or baccarat, slots games or blackjack, online casino sites offer a plethora of gaming options. Other ways in which individuals are getting involved with online gambling is through setting up affiliate businesses. The number of people deciding to create a gambling affiliate site is increasing rapidly, with this proven to be a potentially lucrative sector.

With that said, this is a competitive and ever-changing market, so the online casino affiliate business is not for everyone! In order to get a better understanding of gambling affiliate businesses, we sat down with Jennifer Wright, head of content and operations for, a resource for gambling industry reviews and information.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the key finds from our interview with Jennifer Wright from

Before Starting a Casino Affiliate Site, Grasp the Basics

People seeking to begin a casino affiliate site need to understand the basic ideas of the business before striking out in a competitive field. At least this is what Jennifer Wright recommends.

The NewCasinoSites head of content and operations said: “Probably the main area of starting a gambling affiliate is possessing a strong knowledge of the world of online gambling.”

“Understanding jargon as well as the basic core ideas of the online gambling industry is key for those looking to start out as an affiliate business. A smart route for achieving this is to become a member of an online casino site to gain experience of the user viewpoint on things.”

Wright also said that having a basic understanding of HTML can be of great use to potential entrepreneurs in the field. This saves costs and allows for near total control of all elements of your business. It is also essential to keep updating and polishing an affiliate site to keep up with technological advances, as what looked good a few years ago may already seem outdated.

Do your research

Whilst a firm grip on the industry norms of online casino sites and HTML are of course key to beginning your own casino affiliate business, understanding how consumers encounter your product might be even more key.

Wright said” Many of us are aware of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a key concept in modern day marketing which looks to make certain that your website comes as high as it possibly can in Google results.”

“There are a range of routes to take to ensuring that your site uses SEO to the best of its abilities and that means things like keywords, interlinking and meta titles among a range of other strategies.”

Wright went on to say that those seeking to strike out with an affiliate business might want to look into joining an affiliate programme, which makes it much easier for those with less experience in the field to gain initial purchase in what is an extremely competitive market.


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