How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Now a day’s standing desks are very popular. There are multiple proofs of the benefit of a standing desk as compare to an office desk or any other sitting desk. But do you agree to have too much of any good thing?

So, the question is ‘how long should you stand at a standing desk?’  In this post, we are going to highlight points that if you should use a standing desk for a long time or not.

Is it ok to stand or sit at work?

it is very true that if you are going to sit for a long time then you may develop some serious health issues like cancers, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, etc.

Many people do 8 hours of sitting job and after that they drive back home sitting in a car and then spend rest of the evening sitting or resting somewhere. After that, they retire to bed for sleeping for another 8 hours. This develops a bad lifestyle and various health issues.

As per research people who use to sit and work for more than 8 hours have a risk of dying similar to people having obesity and smoking. So, if you want to save yourself from this issue you should be doing a physical exercise of around 60 to 75 minutes.

So, to avoid this kind of health issue many organizations have introduced standing desks. In this way you can stand and work even if you are tired of sitting on the chair for long. Because of these modifications, you can uplift your strength and can reduce stress levels. This method will also increase productivity.

What are the risks of standing for a long time?

So, as per the above discussion, people often mistook it and tend to stand all day in the office and work. However, this is a bad practice. No one should be standing for a long time as this may affect the health of an individual. EZ Shopper, who sells the EZ Desk range in the UK, recommends intervals of 30 minutes for standing and sitting. This is actually good for health.

If you are unsure about the disadvantage of standing for so long then you should surely ask a person who has a standing job and stand on there for the entire day. They always suffer lower back pain, problems, varicose veins, and issues in leg muscles.

As per a study it is found that standing for a long time can cause lots of discomfort and also reduce your reaction time. Many people also face mental state deterioration after two hours of standing. Also, many people use it to ace leg swelling, fatigue, and muscle pain.

So, the conclusion is standing for a long time is not a good practice. I have a wonderful trick with the help of which you can reduce the stress which has developed after a long time of standing at DIY standing desk.

Benefits of taking a seat regularly

For the people who are working for a long time they should avail the option of standing and sitting alternatively as per their convenience. So, always try to avail the standing desk whose height is adjustable and you can easily adjust it as per your height. So, anyone can adjust it as per their height and with the help of adjustable height desk you don’t need to switch desk also. So, this is one of the wonderful benefits which you can avail from standing desks.

So, to sum up, the advantage of standing desk, you should be using the standing desk alternatively. This will help in boosting your health and give you a perfect mental and health balance.


There are multiple companies which provide the facility of standing desk of which you can easily take advantage. If your organization does not have any such facility then you should surely ask for the facility or you can try for some other alternatives. Like there are multiple tables for keeping files etc, which are elevated. You can keep your laptop there and can take advantage of a standing desk. Also, if you find it difficult to do then you should be taking some short breaks in between the work so that you can take care of your health.

Multiple people are genuinely taking good advantage of these desks. You can be one of them and can boost your health. So, what are your views about the standing desks? Do let us know in the comment section.


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