Gambling is a well-regulated, licensed, and thriving business in the UK

Casinos have always succeeded in attracting large numbers of people. Not only the prospects of gain but also the excitement to everyday life make gambling establishments so attractive. In the old days, to play games such as slots or roulette, you would have to pay a visit to the casino. That’s not the case anymore. To be more precise, casinos can now be reached through the Internet from the comfort of home. Starting from the 21st century, virtual gambling establishments were created quickly. The casino industry has witnessed significant growth over the years. In Great Britain, the gross gambling yield of casinos is valued at 1.05 billion British pounds.   

The quality of the products and services made available by casinos, whether land-based or web-based, is of paramount importance. Regulation plays an important part in this sense. The gambling industry must abide by the rules and follow regulations. There’s no sector-specific EU legislation when it comes to gambling services. This practically means that European countries have the freedom to organize their gambling services as they wish, provided that they comply with the fundamental freedoms established under the TFEU. In the United Kingdom, gambling is regulated by the Gambling Commission, which acts on behalf of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. 

Great Britain is acknowledged as one of the most mature gambling jurisdictions in Europe. As a matter of fact, British legislation sets an example for other countries. It protects citizens rather than limiting their rights and telling them what they can and can’t do. In European countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland, there are casino sites, yet they’re not licensed. What needs to be understood that gambling is a well-regulated, licensed, and thriving business. 

Gambling Act 2005 – What’s there to know? 

The Gambling Act 2005, which came into effect in 2007, provides the necessary framework for the regulation of all forms of gambling in Great Britain, dictating the types of gambling permitted and how the markets operate. There are three key principles that form the basis of the Act. They are so important that they have been set out from the very get-go. These 3 principles are: 

  1. Gambling shouldn’t be connected to crime.
  2. Gambling activities should be fair and transparent. 
  3. Youngsters, as well as other vulnerable people, should be protected from harm and exploitation.

A top rated UK online casino will undoubtedly have licensing. To open and run a casino it’s necessary to apply for a license via the Gambling Commission, which makes available an online application portal so as to streamline the process. Aspects taken into consideration when granting the license include but aren’t limited to ownership and identity, financial situation, competence, criminality, and integrity. The amendment made to the Gambling Act 2005 in 2014 considerably relaxed the rules, which means that the market became open to foreign operators such as Karamba. The legislation in the United Kingdom promotes and even encourages entrepreneurs engaged in gambling activities. Businesspeople pay tax fees at low-interest rates and are exempt from certain expenses and commissions. In reverse, players can leverage tax-free winnings, as long as they’re not professional gamblers. 

Important changes enacted in the UK gambling market 

In December 2020, it was announced that new rules would be introduced. Sports sponsorships risk being banned, not to mention that there will be a limit on online casino stakes. What is more, the way in which overseas firms buy their access to Great Britain will be examined. These are just some proposals. The gambling industry will face tighter requirements concerning the due diligence process. A new regulatory body may be established, or several regulatory bodies with different responsibilities to replace the Gambling Commission. Casinos should review their operations to make sure they have appropriate systems in place to ensure responsible gambling. 

Fairness, security, and seriousness in casino games

The most respected and trustworthy casinos, of which mention can be made of Karamba Casino, place emphasis on fairness, security, and seriousness. To put it simply, they have their customers’ best interests at heart. These gaming companies adhere to regulatory, certification, and product availability standards, allowing the industry to function at optimal performance. As far as competitiveness is concerned, within the British market, it’s not impossible to find a casino with a selection of quality games that meet the highest technical standards. They can provide a complete range of products that cover the requirements of any operation. The aim is to enhance profitability while continuously improving products and services.

Foreign involvement in the UK gambling market is encouraged, as mentioned earlier, but there are restrictions when it comes to investors. Slots, blackjack, and roulette are the most common type of gambling games. Slot machines, in particular, enjoy a great deal of popularity owing to the fact that they enforce a minimum bet. Gambling services are sold through various sales channels. Surprising or not, there has been a significant increase in online sales channels for gambling services, deterring attention from land-based operations. Many argue that virtual casinos are taking the world by storm, which can’t be denied given the rapid rate of growth. 

The question now is: What are the benefits of legalized gambling?  

When land-based and online casinos are regulated, they’re fair and safe for players. It’s easy to find a licensed gambling establishment and play, resting assured that your money is in safe hands. Not only are gambling companies able to attract more customers but also create jobs for the local community and income for the country. Not legalizing gambling activities encourages criminal behavior, meaning that we could be dealing with an increased level of crime. When people are prohibited from doing something, they’ll do it, even if that means getting involved in shady activity. The fact of the matter is that gambling legalization protects players and countries, which take advantage of casino tax. 

If you’d like to play casino games, it’s of paramount importance to play at a regulated gambling establishment. Prior to signing up and providing personal information, ensure the casino is licensed by the Gambling Commission. In Great Britain, information about gambling businesses is made available to the public. The register doesn’t provide comprehensive details, but at least you know if the casino you’re thinking about playing at is reliable. It’s not enough to rely on online recommendations. If you were to check a name such as Karamba, you’d immediately get the much-needed details. 

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