Everything You Need to Know About Synthetic Pee

Let’s take time to look at the big picture. Suppose you have been pushing your limits to get your dream job, and finally, you are selected. Now they require a drug test. You might find yourself in the worst situation if you have been into smoking and cannabis consumption.

Is your urine test standing between you and your next job? Competition or school activity? Are you a regular smoker? If you are a regular or chain smoker or have recently consumed cannabis, then producing your sample for a drug test will be like digging your own grave. Are you looking for an alternative? Synthetic pee is the best alternative.

The Growing Demand

For the past several years, synthetic urine products are high in demand and are a popular option for the smoker to perform urine tests. Due to its growing demand, several synthetic urine kits are available in the marketplace. Synthetic urine is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to pass a drug test.

The Necessity

Are you in plight, and you quickly want to get out of it? Are you a student pursuing education in a foreign country, and your visa will not be granted unless you perform a drug test? If you are a candidate in dire need to shift into another country and cross the border, your only option will be to buy synthetic urine and achieve your ambition.

Synthetic Pee for Insurance Screening

Several life insurance companies strictly prohibit drug users from purchasing life insurance. When you are enrolled in a life insurance medical exam, you must perform a urine test by submitting your pee sample.

If you have been consuming cannabis, or if you are a smoker or consume tobacco containing nicotine, you might have to resort to a fake sample. Using synthetic urine will considerably help you get a reasonable life insurance rate.

Sports Career

Are you into sports? Willing to get enrolled in a professional sports career? Testing is an essential part of professional sports careers and amateur sports. This is why athletes are always subjected to testing, but other solutions are not always available. There is often scheduled testing before competitions.

If you are scheduled for testing, and your team doctor or coach is asking you to deliver your urine sample, you can use the opportunity to submit a fake solution.

Shelf Life of Synthetic Pee

The shelf life of synthetic pee is up to 2-3 years, but in most cases, shelf life varies from brand to brand. If you are thinking of freezing synthetic pee, then it’s not recommended. Freezing synthetic pee can compromise and impact the chemical structure and reduce the possibility of passing the test. Refrain from putting the fake pee in your freezer or direct sunlight. If you are willing to store it somewhere, nightstand drawers are highly recommended. Nightstand drawers are one of the best options for storing such products. If you don’t want to speedup expiration, keep the synthetic pee at room temperature.

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