Discover the Best Dice Rolling Games for 2024

Dice-based games can often be forgotten about when playing at an online casino. It is not uncommon for players to hit their favorite video slots or go and enjoy classic table games like blackjack or roulette when they log on. In the UK, it is not uncommon for many to go and play bingo-themed games, either, due to the affinity that the country has.

Games that feature dice are often associated with being board games and not traditional gambling titles, despite the fact that they feature aspects that can easily be used as betting opportunities.

In fact, this is something that developers have run with, as they have created a number of games that can be enjoyed and offer a unique casino experience that those that are often played cannot always provide.

What are the best dice rolling games to play?

With various variants available and often overlooked, it can be a little overwhelming when taking a look at a casino’s library of titles in this category. There can be numerous options, all of which can be a little scary when they have never been experienced before.

However, as with every single game, these can become very simple to learn. Once the rules have been understood, they can provide a level of excitement that other games that have been loved may no longer give.

Lightning Dice

Evolution are widely considered to be the masters when it comes to releasing live casino games, as they typically have every aspect covered in the titles they provide. They have kept up to their reputation with their launch of Lightning Dice.

This is a simple dice-based game that requires players to bet on the total number that the dice will add up to once they have been rolled. Three standard dice with numbers 1-6 are thrown, and it is down to players to try and predict what each of them adds up to.

If you want to play live casino games with a difference, then this variant might be one to consider. It can provide a maximum win of up to 1,000x the bet through the use of multipliers that can strike. The bolts of lightning that can be seen will randomly strike, and they can hit any (or all) of the dice. If all are hit, then the multiplier will be added together.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that is similar to the Lightning Dice variant but follows a more classic approach. It keeps the same premise of the game, with three dice being rolled and requiring players to predict the total that appears on them.

This version of the game can be considered a little more simplistic, too, as it does not contain the additional features that the Evolution title does. That being said, there are various betting options available in this game, as well as plenty of side bets that can be utilized to enhance the gameplay experience.

Football Studio Dice

Football fans will be able to bring their passion and love for the beautiful game to live with a dice-based casino game in Football Studio Dice. Another title to have been released by Evolution, it is a game that is based on two teams going against each other (Home vs Away) with the objective to score more goals than the other.

Players will bet on which pair of dice (four are used but stop at different times) will provide the biggest total. In addition, it is also played as a “game of two halves”. If the first half of the dice shake does not go their way (the upper dice), they can come back with the second shake (the lower dice).

Craps Live

When discussing a dice casino game, it is impossible not to mention Craps. When it comes to the use of the six-sided objects, this game is perhaps one of the most popular, and Evolution has ensured that players can play online with a realistic experience.

With Craps Live, players can guess the result of two dice thrown down on a table in a casino environment. The first element that players should be keen on is the kind of bet they want to make; options such as Pass Line, Don’t pass line or Come Bet, among others, are the most common.

Craps may seem intimidating the first time it is seen and played. Still, with Evolution supplying plenty of features which can help people understand this game without having difficulties following, it means Craps Live could be one of the options for dice roll games to try in 2024!

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