Build on Your Winnings with These Bonus Strategies

The online casino industry is booming. You’ve undoubtedly seen the ads when watching the football, plastered on your favourite team’s shirt, on social media, everywhere. Punters are increasingly leaving high street bookies behind in favour of the more convenient online alternative. 

The problem for operators, however, is that it’s difficult to get a slice of the pie. There are a lot of online casinos out there, and they’re pulling out all the stops to get your attention. Their main strategy? Offering punters bonuses, each more generous than the next. 

Most players don’t really know how to take advantage of these promotions. The small print confuses them, they don’t maximize the possibilities, and are often taken by the fancy ads. 

Don’t be the average player. Here’s how you can build on your winnings with these bonus strategies.

Your First Deposit Counts 

Online casinos focus the bulk of their attention on new customers. These tend to be the most lucrative, because once you reel them in, they tend to stick around. This means that the initial offer is usually the best one, with casinos offering bonuses when you deposit.

Most offers ‘activate’ based on your first deposit. Once that’s gone, you don’t get another chance. Simply put, your first deposit casino bonus counts. These offers will only come once per casino, generally speaking, so don’t waste them. 

Look for casinos that give the best new player bonuses. These are usually well advertised, so it’s not difficult to find them. It doesn’t matter whether the subsequent promotions aren’t as good, because you can always move to the next casino. 

Know Thy Bonus 

Casinos offer all types of bonuses. They’re all usually worth signing up for, but you need to know the difference between them to truly take advantage. Here are some of the most common ones available: 

No Deposit Bonus. Does exactly what it says on the tin. You don’t need to deposit any of your own money to start playing. Because of this, the bet amount is usually low (say, £5 or thereabouts), but free is free! 

Free spins. This one is usually given on a deposit, and can number into the hundreds of spins. However, don’t take these at face value. Sometimes, 20 free spins can be better than 200. How? The wagering requirement (WR). If you have an impossibly high condition set, even 200 spins can be a bridge too far. 

Matched deposit bonus. This is where the casino will ‘match’ your deposit, often by multiples. For example, if the casino offers a 200% deposit bonus, you will have 3x total to play with (e.g. £100 of your own money + £200 of the matched bonus).  

Don’t Stop Moving 

No, this isn’t a reference to that classic S Club 7 tune. What we mean is this: when you exhaust that initial bonus, don’t stick with the casino. At least, not to begin with. You can always circle back later, but if you’re focusing on maximizing bonuses, it’s all about moving to the next offer. 

Casinos promote new player bonuses because they know most people will stick around after they use them. Win or lose, the lure of playing is too much for most punters. So even if they win on the bonus money, they tend to lose it on subsequent bets. 

But that’s not the kind of player you are, right? You’re looking to build on your winnings, so once you’ve gone through the free spins or matched deposit bets, go to the next one. Stash your winnings away, and take advantage of all of the free bonuses out there. 

Read the Small Print 

Loads of gamblers are impatient and are often looking for a dopamine hit. So when signing for a bonus, they don’t really take their time with reading the actual conditions of the promotion. 

But the thing is, not every bonus is created equal. Many will headline with the same offers, but once you delve a little deeper, it’s obvious that some are better than others. 

For example, the wagering requirement (WR) can be set to a point that is perfectly achievable to actually win money, whereas with some of the nastier operators, the requirement is so high that the chances of winning are infinitesimally small. 

You want to make sure the conditions of the bonus match the ad, that the company isn’t promising more than what’s actually in the small print. 

Don’t Waste That Bonus 

Before you go, we want to reiterate, cement in your brain, sing it as a lullaby (you get the picture!): don’t waste your bonuses. Casinos give punters ‘too good to be true’ bonuses because they know most people will not use them effectively. 

Gamblers tend to think, well, it’s free money anyway. Strategies are not used, common sense goes out the window, and the bonus disappears just as quickly as it arrived. Then, real money is used, and often lost. 

Instead, follow our advice. Treat that bonus as your own hard-earned cash. It’s an opportunity to win real money without putting yours at risk. 

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