Are Slots a Woman’s Game?

According to research from Oregon State University, the top demographic for those playing slot games are 55 to 60-year-old women. The research also revealed that around 70 per cent of casino revenue is generated by women.

But why do women like slots so much? As it happens, slots offer a number of benefits that appeal to middle-aged female homeowners with a decent income and some college education. However, the increase in women players is mainly because of the online presence. The casino games today are much more attractive to a broader audience, according to data anonymously collected from the online casino Winny.


Playing slots can be a relaxing experience. It offers a distraction and enables people to put their worries aside for a while. They’re usually easier to grasp for beginners, and unlike blackjack or poker, there are no rules to learn or fellow players waiting for you to make your next move. Basically, there are no outside parties to cause you added stress, so you’re free to focus on the bright lights on the reels. You can sit in front of a slot machine or an online slot on your computer and just click on the right buttons. The reels spin and the lights flash right in front of your eyes, helping to create a stress-free and fun experience.

A Variety of Styles

There are various types of slots to pay. You’ll find traditional slots, blackjack slots, poker slots, and numerous themed slots. Depending on which casino you play at, you could be playing a slot based on your favourite TV show, movie, or musical act. Games based on popular culture entertainment such as TV shows have proven to be successful over the years.

Along with the various game styles, slots feature a variety of denominations. Thanks to dollar slots and penny slots, playing these fun games is affordable, as they offer a lower route to enjoying the casino experience. You can lose a small amount of money playing these slots without feeling bad. The lower cost also enables you to reach your limit, which increases your entertainment value.

Better Returns

Traditionally, slots offer better returns than table games. They offer an 86% return at some land-based casinos, while online casinos sometimes offer up to 90% returns. Due to these improved odds, slots remain among the more popular casino games for both men and women. Around 48 per cent of those who frequent land-based casinos play slots, while just 16 per cent play blackjack, and six per cent play poker. Men are more traditionally susceptible to risky behaviour, with women more likely avoiding risks. Women, therefore, may prefer games with better returns, and slots are less risky than poker. And while there are other ways of making money, they aren’t necessarily as fun.


People have a tendency to enjoy winning on slots far more than they do with table games. Slots reward you with a stunning display of sounds, colours, and bright lights when the reels turn in your favour. The positive reaction from the slot machine provides a feeling of appreciation and improves your mood.


Slots tend to attract beginning casino players, thanks to their accessibility. The thought of sitting at a blackjack or poker table without a full understanding of the rules can be intimidating.  When you play slots, however, you can feel free of pressure without any prior experience. Slots are more accessible than they’ve ever been thanks to the increased popularity of online casinos.

Wrapping Up

Based on the above benefits, it would be easy to think that everyone might opt for slots over other types of casino games. Regardless of your gender, online slots can provide a feeling of escapism by reducing stress and offering excitement all at the same time.

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