5 Ways to Tackle UK Casinos and Earn Money in 2021

The online betting and gambling industry is one of the highest rising industries in today’s world. Even in 2020, where the economic crisis struck the world like never before in the 21st century, online gambling continued the rise, and millions of new players across the world registered and started gambling. In the UK the situation is not different – we encountered more active players and more money flowed through the top UK online casinos in the previous year.

However, most of the new players are losing players, because they don’t understand the rules, betting margins, have no strategies, and are just relying on luck. In this article, we will show you how to avoid losing money like these scrubs and gain an advantage over the casino you are playing at.

Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses

Casinos and sportsbooks are offering welcome bonuses to new players to lure them and make them bet on their site. For casinos, welcome bonuses are the way to stand out from the crowd and beat their fierce competition.

However, for players, welcome bonuses are not always a blessing, they might be even demise. The thing is, only one out of ten gamblers is reading the terms and conditions of the bonus requirements carefully and evaluates the offer before actually taking it.

Most of the gamblers will do that only when they realize that it is not that easy to claim the bonus as they previously thought. Of course, at that point, it is already too late and they need to dig deep and hope for the best.

By only looking at the numbers and taking the biggest flashy offer instantly you will always fall short. Wagering requirements are important – 1000 quid 100% matched offer doesn’t worth a penny if you can’t clear it. Better take 50 quid with easy wagering requirements, because in the first case you will just waste a bunch of money for nothing.

Know Which Games to Play

Casinos will try to lure you with their flashy offers for some games on the site as well. Before playing any game, whether it is blackjack, video poker, or some specific slot, make sure that you check it out, see the house edge and you can even read some articles about tactics for those games.

We know what you are thinking now – you have a decade of experience playing these games, you won’t take any advice from some random article writer on the web, right? Well, the only thing you need to do is to check the game you want to play and you will see it yourself.

For example, avoid playing Keno. Like, there is no single reason why you would play the game with such odds in house favor.

At some casinos, it is almost 35% edge in favor of the house. Nobody ever matched all 20 numbers on the ticket, the odds for that are 1 in 3.5 quintillions!

Also, if you want to play slots, you should choose the right game properly. Some of the most popular ones, such as Starburst, or the flashiest progressive jackpot slots are actually bad to play.

Starburst is giving lots of small wins, but in the end, the house will get on top in most of the cases, unless you stop playing at exactly the right moment, while you are winning. Progressive jackpot slots will give millions to one lucky guy, and millions of others will spend money to contribute to that award.

Surprisingly, video poker has the best edge for a player, but the reason why we don’t have a buzz in the player community about it is rather simple – almost everyone who plays it is really bad. House edge in this game is going even below 1%, but most of the players are losing money by betting until the end, instead of acknowledging the right moment to bail out.

Promoted Gambling Strategies Online Are Not Always the Best

If you ever tried to find the best strategies for winning on slots, roulette, or any other casino game, you probably came across some simple systems with flashy names, that try to persuade you to use them and just win.

Martingale and similar systems are not mythical, they are not bulletproof, they are not flawless. They are a simple mathematic progression that might lead to your doom. If you play roulette and bet that the number will be black, and it turns out to be red, the Martingale system commands you to double your initial bet when that happens.

If that happens again, double it again. And so on. The idea behind it is that when you finally win, you will make up for all the previous losses. However, if you lose only four or five consecutive bets, you are finding yourself in a very difficult situation that doubling the bet becomes almost unbearable.

The Martingale system is probably the culprit for most of the sad gambling stories you heard in your life. Therefore, don’t do it, there are more viable ways to win at a casino than copying an unsuccessful and expensive strategy.

Carefully Manage Your Bank

Creating a bank and sticking to it is one of the most important skills you have to learn if you want to be a professional sports bettor or a gambler.

Professional gamblers are not even much better than amateur gamblers in terms of how successful their bets are. But, they are way more successful when we put into account how much money they earn, and how they measure the best. And most importantly, how they manage to keep their bank safe, and profit from gambling month after month.

You should never get greedy, remember that gambling is a marathon, not a sprint, and stick to the number. Numbers are never wrong. Your hunch, although might lead you to some spectacular wins, will be responsible for some horrible losses as well, and you should avoid that at all cost.

Don’t Stick with Only One Casino, Mix the Things Up

You might be the guy who was searching for his perfect casino for a while, and finally found the website which ticks all the boxes. However, staying only at one site means that you will lose contact with industry news, new things that happen all around, new welcome offers and other bonuses offered by other casinos, and eventually, lose the opportunity of winning more cash.

Playing at only one casino, possibly only one type of casino game, or even one specific slot, after months of searching the best playing conditions for you seems correct. Because, if you needed several months to find this site, you won’t be able to find the second one for a while, which will result in a horrible waste of time.

However, you don’t have to find the perfect site, the site you will use for months, or even years. You should try to find some sites with suitable welcome bonuses, claim them, leave the site, and try to find the next one. That tactic will net you much more money than sticking with only one casino.


Gambling is not only luck. It is a skill, and people who make friends with those scary, boring numbers, learn to calculate, and find where is the best chance for them to succeed, will be inevitably more successful than players who rely on luck, and their hunch.

Don’t be a losing player that only fills slot machines for someone else to pick the grand prize, study the betting margins, games, and slots in detail, and then decide what is the best game to play, not before.

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