10 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the evolving currency that is attracting the masses. Here are the top 10 reasons why Bitcoin is the best investment. 

Volatile Asset 

It may sound like a risk, but as it is a downside risk, it is also an upside risk. If you know the real art of trading in Bitcoin, it can be the best investment. Although, it fluctuates this currency is becoming more standardized and common. 

Market Leader 

The cryptocurrency industry is highly reliable, and bitcoin is the most trusted currency of all investors. People associate it with power and value. Although many cryptocurrencies have been introduced, Bitcoin has been leading the market for the past decade. 

 Better Than Gold

Almost 21 million bitcoins are expected to be mined by 2140. In contrast, the amount of mined gold is also fixed. People consider it to be better than gold. The reasons are it has a more excellent store value, the production rates are more particular, the ledger is available publicly, giving an idea to the investors how much Bitcoin can track its transactions. 

 Most Trusted Cryptocurrency 

The variety of cryptocurrencies extends to 7800. Many process payments faster. Others are characterized by processing a more significant number of transactions within a block. The supply of bitcoin is limited. And it enjoys the best market cap, validating customer trust. 

 Potential of Future Monetary Systems 

The high price of bitcoin limits its usefulness; gold has been used to support the world’s financial systems since the 15th century. The Blockfi, Bitcoin bank offers an 8.6% interest rate on customer accounts. Apart from this, people can also take Bitcoin loans with a 4.5% interest rate. You can now purchase Bitcoins through your stockbroker. The mediums include ETFs like Grayscale’s GBTC, OBTC, Square’s Cash App, and PayPal. 

 Billionaires Invest in Bitcoin 

The billionaires across the globe are investing in Bitcoin. Raoul Pal, a former hedge fund manager, sold 98% of his assets to purchase Bitcoin. 

 Bitcoin is being Validated  

As more and more investors purchase Bitcoin, it is becoming more validated. A billionaire who possesses bitcoin is more potent than ever. People would avoid having any conflict with them. Hence, as an alternative, they are moving to control it. The OCC has recently accepted US banks that possess cryptocurrency as assets. In 2020, cryptocurrency tax regulations were also being implemented. After a thing has rules and is taxed, it evolves into a genuine industry. Ranging from North America to Australia to the European Union, Bitcoin is traded by many nations.To get more knowledge and if you are looking for some good platforms for trading bitcoin you can click Big money rush.

 Safe and Visible Currency 

Although, bitcoin might not be 100% safe as there are some victims whose accounts have been hacked. But the safeness of the currency also depends on the way it is stored. An excellent hard wallet can only be hacked when connected to the internet. It is similar to a bank account connected to the internet. People who keep the bitcoin in an online hot wallet (always connected to the internet) have a greater risk of stealing. It also depends on how well the service holding your wallet is protected. The trouble is the same when you make online payments of local currencies through your banks or credit cards. With a centralized system, to what extent can a bank protect a customer’s information? It would help if you compared it with bitcoin that uses decentralized blockchain technology with a public ledger to track all transactions. For this, you may consult a cybersecurity professional to have greater security. 

Efforts Are Being Made to Enhance the Bitcoin Process 

A significant bitcoin reproach is the slow transaction process. However, the Lightning network is in operation. It will act as a second layer on top of the Bitcoin infrastructure to enable swifter and greater frequency of transactions. With more smart contracts, it will equate the Bitcoin power to Ethereum. Hence, you can process complex transactions within nanoseconds. For instance, purchasing a property may take a couple of days rather than a whole month as the land will instantly shift hands once the smart contract terms were achieved and verified within nanoseconds. Hence, it will be a great support to economic growth

 The Increasing Bitcoin Usage 

Currently, there are 100 million Bitcoin wallets with value. Sources reveal that almost 11% of US residents possess Bitcoins. Nearly a million people perform Bitcoin transactions each day. The Bitcoin users grew by 20 million from 2020 to 2021. So, it’s an enormous 44% gain in a year. So, millennials will be the next massive generation of stockholders and along with Gen Z. 

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