Why You Should Never Drink And Drive

The ease of buying a car has increased the number of vehicles on the road but this has also led to increasing traffic accidents. These traffic accidents occur due to several reasons such as driving under influence. 

Today we will discuss why you should never even think about driving under influence. 

Laws Regarding DUI

If you are stopped while you are impaired due to consuming alcohol/drugs, you will be penalized accordingly.

The Department of Justice has laid down some federal guidelines.

For first time offenders:

Minimum $1000 fine for blood alcohol content of 0.119 or (for a drug-impaired driving charge) 5ng of THC or any other prohibited drug in your system within two hours of driving. The fine will increase according to the BAC. 

For second-time offenders:

If you get convicted for a second time you will face a month of prison time at the minimum.

For third-time offenders:

A third conviction can result in a minimum of 120 days in prison. The maximum penalty for these charges is 10 years. 

If you resist giving your blood or urine sample, you can get fined $2000. And your chances of conviction also go up. 

If you are charged with a DUI violation then you should contact a DUI lawyer in Winnipeg


If a cop stops you and suspects you are impaired due to alcohol/drug consumption your license can be terminated immediately for 24 hours. If the BAC is between 0.05 and 0.079 then you might be fined $400 and get your vehicle impounded for three to 60 days in Manitoba. 

Your License can get suspended for 3 months if the BAC is above 0.08. ]

A conviction can lead to a fine, likely prison time, and a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. Your driver safety rating could also lose 15 points

A Criminal Record

A DUI charge in Canada is a criminal charge and it will show in your criminal record. It will remain in your criminal record for your lifetime. 

You can be denied entry into some countries because of this charge. You can face difficulty getting certain kinds of jobs. 

It can have a negative impact on your immigration status if you are not a Canadian citizen. 

It will show the amount of jail time you faced which will also give a negative impression. 

Insurance Premium Goes Up   

Your car insurance premiums go up because when the insurance company goes through your criminal record they know that you are a high-risk person. And if you were involved in a DUI Crash and caused injury to other commuters you might even get your coverage revoked. 

Past convictions, history of car crashes, or driving points on your license will lead to an increase in your insurance premium and you will have to pay considerably more.

You should remember to fully disclose the points on your driving license to the insurer because then only will you be able to make a claim.


DUI not only puts you at risk of an accident, but it can cause injuries to other commuters as well. There is a need to create more awareness and people need to behave responsibly and remember that they have a duty of care for others.

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