The White Wine of Lake Garda: An Ancient Delight

Elegant, structured, and delicious, a white wine from the tiny Italian region Lugana sets the standard high as some of the country’s premium bottling. Made from the Turbiana, a rare grape grown around the south side of Lake Garda, this unique wine is packed in five different styles with a load of attractive personalities. Today, it has become a favourite among Italians and beyond, not just because of its structure and elegance. Lugana wine DOC also bears the legacy once installed on Lake Garda’s romantic shore in ancient times.

The historical origin of Lugana wine

The elegant wine hails from a region filled with rich history and culture. The legendary tradition has driven the site, which adorns the wine with a nostalgic charm like no other. The Vitis Silvestri’s grape seeds were first discovered in the Bronze age in Peschiera del Garda – a quaint town in Lugana. Since then, the vine has been ever-present, evolving into an iconic label among wine lovers.

Today, the experts take the words of King Theodotus and poet Catullus to explore the origin of winemaking in the town. However, they do have some varying opinions regarding who is more reliable. The first quotation was found in Andrea Bacci’s fifteenth-century book De Naturali Vinorum Historia. About a century later, Ottavio Rossi referenced it for the second time in “Memorie Bresciani”. They have described the exact white wine, which is sophisticated yet strong and hails from Lugana.

Production speciality

The main ingredient of Lugana wine is a unique type of grape, whose juice is known as the Turbiana. It is similar to the Trebbiano di Soave but grown in a completely different habitat. The southern side of Lake Garda has soil mixed with a combination of marly clay and calcareous stratification. Combined with high salinity, the grounds are incredibly robust in dry seasons and similarly muddy in the rainy season, perfectly adequate to produce Turbiana.

The mildness in the climatic conditions in the region is primarily consistent with few temperature fluctuations, enhancing the qualities of this specific type of grapes even more. The pyramid-shaped thick-skinned grape provides juices and acidic pulp which creates a character to give the wine robust aromas and a well-balanced structure. Lugana DOC rests in the bottle at least for one years before it hits the market.

Taste and flavour

The colour of Lugana wine is quite pale with a tinge of green, but the aroma is unexpectedly potent and it will let you recall the notes of almonds, crisp green apple, white flowers, lemon, and flint. It is flavoursome but balanced with a delicately fresh characteristic.

This charming wine shows its magic from the first sip regarding taste. The wine is perfect for a chilled serving or something that feels appropriate to the weather. Pair it with roasted cauliflower, chickpea soup, ratatouille, and the sea fish dish to get the best taste.

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