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Tasty Dishes To Try with Your Musigny Wine

Pairing, by definition, is about two different individuals wherein, if combined, it brings forth a mutually beneficial relationship.

With this said, there have been great pairings throughout history. From people like Holmes and Watson to food such as Hamburgers and Fries—it seems like something is lacking when one isn’t in the same picture with the other. The same goes for drinking wine. Although you can indulge in it alone, it’s still a different experience if you pair it with good dishes.

The wine was once a drink that only wealthy people can afford to have. Today, everyone can enjoy a glass of wine. Not only that, some of its prices are at an affordable rate, making it accessible to all.

If, by chance, you have a musigny wine stored or some wine with the same variety, then you might want to read on to make sure you know what to do when you choose a dish to pair up with your wine.

All About Musigny Wine

Musigny wine is an appellation from the Cote de Nuits, which consists of 153 hectares, wherein the 55 hectares are classified as Premier Cru.

The wine that is produced from this appellation is deemed as the most feminine wine in Cote de Nuits due to the great intensity yet subtle taste it brings. Others may also regard this wine as velvet, silk, and smooth delicacy.

Why Pair Wine with Food?

If you happen to wonder why you need to choose a proper dish for your wine thoughtfully, then here is the answer.

In food and wine pairing, the ultimate goal is synergy. It is where the dish and wine combine harmoniously, resulting in a more significant flavor which is different to their taste when consumed separately.

This means that food and wine pairing push forth a new and superior gastronomic effect on the world of gastronomy. On the other hand, an incorrect pairing could lead to a bad dining experience.

What gives?

Since you will be combining different flavors, poor wine pairing can destroy the wine’s flavor and make the dining experience unpleasant. Thus, what you need to remember is always to complement the food and wine and not dominate one or the other.

What is the Musigny Wines’ Tasting Notes?

Musigny wines are characterized as a beautiful dark red color with ruby highlights. With this gem, an individual can smell the aroma of black fruits with a hint of wild notes. Because of this, it has an elegant attack on the palate, with its soft tannins and a perfect length on a spicy finish.

What to Pair with Musigny Wine?

Now, we’re down to “What food should you go for when pairing it with a musigny wine?”

Since musigny wine calls for exquisite and delicate dishes with subtle flavors, dishes like filet mignon, duck with truffles, roast pigeon, and roast guinea fowl will do well when pairing with the said wine.

With this said, you might want to avoid overwhelming your wine by preparing dishes with heavy sauces.

Game Birds. From pheasant, partridge, roast grouse, guineafowl, and goose, these will surely meet halfway of the wine’s elegance. Thus, dishes that are cooked with the use of the birds’ meat will do justice and complement to the taste of Musigny wine.

Lean Red Meat. Meats like fillet steak, lamb, venison will also taste harmoniously with the chosen wine.

Simple Roasted White Meat. Simple dishes can be made extravagant when paired with musigny wine. Thus, with food like roast veal, a good roast chicken, and a rare breed roast pork, surely you will have your guests wanting more.

Never Miss the Cheese. In wine pairing, cheeses have always been the cherry on the top. Thus, pairing the musigny wine with ripe cheeses such as Reblochon will do well with the wine’s intensity and subtlety.

Wine-based Sauce. What’s more creative and satisfactory to the tastebuds is incorporating the wine with your dish! With this said, food like coq au vin and boeuf bourguignon will make some mouth-watering combination, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

Lastly, aim for a lightly cooked rare meat rather than food with heavy sauces. Dishes like a seared duck breast that is accented with fruits like blackberries or cherries will help big time. Or, you can also try a rack of lamb whose flavor is heightened through herb crust.

Takeaway. There’s no better way to upgrade your dining experience than pair delicious meals with equally delicious liquor, or in this case, wine. So, the next time you hold a celebration or a party, you will certainly amaze your guests with your 5-star Michelin-like menu.

Just remember, when pairing wine with food, make sure that you will not overwhelm the wine nor the dish by each other’s flavor.