Startup Launches Ground-Breaking Travel App

Now that the world is set to open up again after Covid, who wants to spend hours finding hotel deals or searching for the best flights? New travel app, Flytinary aims to provide a one-stop travel experience which takes the legwork out of arranging trips and gets its users amazing prices.

The all-encompassing app available on iOS and Android devices uses sophisticated algorithms to find the cheapest flights and features a choice of curated accommodation through tie ups with, Hostelworld and Airbnb, as well as memorable experiences in association with Tripadvisor and an innovative, in-destination, co-working space finder.

“We can save users over £500 on bookings, not to mention the hours saved in researching and planning their trip on multiple platforms”, says founder Prince Rauf. “Think of Flytinary as a travel concierge that acts like the lovechild of Tinder for holidays (using our swipe for your next trip tool) and the Wikipedia of destinations…”

With information on everything from the type of plug you’ll need for your destination to the best places to change money. Offline maps are available as well as local taxi apps improving in-destination experiences and you can even arrange your travel insurance and foreign currency in app.

Flytinary is free to use, but the best deals, often saving over 10x the value of the membership, are reserved for Prime users, who pay a £350 annual membership fee or only £35 for your first year using code FLY90 when signing up. Examples of these deals* which change daily are

  • Santorini, Greece, for £44 return in June with EasyJet (standard fare £299) with accommodation from £113 / night in a hotel.
  • Summer getaways to Mexico, flights to Cancun, for £320, return with TAP Air Portugal (standard fare £500)
  • September weekend breaks to top European destinations for as little as £30, (with standard fares being upwards of £200)

The app also alerts users to error fares – recent mistake fares available to members: London to New York £99, London to Bali £196, Liverpool to Morocco £29, Manchester to Brazil for £299.

Rauf came up with the idea when he was staying in a hostel in Medellin, Colombia, and he became frustrated that there wasn’t a one-stop shop for all his travel needs.

“We do all the legwork especially if you are on a specific budget,” he says. “We cherry pick the best accommodation, so you don’t have to trawl through it.”

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