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Restylane hyaluronic fillers

Restylane hyaluronic fillers are developed by the Swedish company Q-Med. Cleansed and safe gels to create your face, made with NASHA technology. The active substance is of bacterial origin, which provides complete biocompatibility of the preparations with skin. The possibility of an allergic reaction is zero, and positive emotions after injecting the filler increase their numbers every day. Restylane skin fillers effectively smooth wrinkles, tighten the contour of the face, moisturize the skin, restore its structure, restore the lost volume of soft tissues on the face.

What determines the quality of the result after the Restylane injection?

The result of the action of the filler is quite long, but the positive and qualitative results are the result of the work of an experienced specialist. It is important to choose the right product for a particular site, determine the injection site and the amount of preparation required. A mandatory step before the procedure is to check the patient’s health since there is a list of conditions when injection is strictly forbidden. The doctor should take into account that the client may have an individual sensitivity to the hyaluronic acid contained in the gel. It should also be noted that no studies have been performed on the effects of the dermal filler during pregnancy, lactation, and underage. Patients under the age of 21 may use skin fillers but in the presence of parents at the procedure. The cosmetologist should refuse the session if he has a blood clotting disorder, inflammation of the skin and purulent lesions, diabetes, oncology or the presence of subcutaneous implants of another origin. It is necessary to check the tendency of the skin to scar formation and the absence of viral diseases.

What is worth remembering?

The procedure usually takes up to 40 minutes. Some Restylane preparations contain lidocaine, are comfortable enough and are not accompanied by severe pain. The presence of anesthetic should be checked with a doctor who performs the procedure.

The injection can only be given by a doctor. After inserting the gel under the skin, the specialist massages the areas, which can cause slight discomfort. The recovery period of skin after a session is from 3 to 10 days, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Mild side effects during this period include irritation, redness, bruising and swelling. These symptoms go away on their own. But if the injection was not done correctly, such serious skin reactions as bleeding, hematomas, hyperpigmentation, soft tissue infection can occur. But these symptoms can occur not only because of the non-professionalism of the doctor. Patients also observe certain limitations after the procedure:

  1. it is not necessary to apply decorative cosmetics on the face within 24 hours;
  2. it is better to limit physical activity in the first days after the procedure, and the length of this period should be agreed with the doctor;
  3. for the period of 14-21 days it is necessary to give up the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, cosmetic procedures in the form of peeling and laser.

How long will I be able to enjoy the results after the procedure?

If done correctly, the effect will be lasting and quality. The duration of the activity of the gel is from 6 to 10 months, and in places with thin skin – 3-4 months, as this area is more mobile and more strongly provided with blood.

Restylane is a worthy competitor in the dermal fillers market and is receiving more and more positive reviews. Today it is one of the most famous fillers competing with Juvederm. To buy Restylane in our online store, visit the home page of EuroMex and contact our manager who will help you place your order.