Plastic Surgery Operations

Human is a social creature. Our appearance is our ID in the social life. An impressive appearance and facial expression keeps you at the forefront in every aspect of life. In the areas such as job interviews, establishing friendships, establishing relationships, the first impression always starts with the outward appearance. The most effortless and easiest way to maket his first impression positive is unduobtedly plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not an effortful and difficult process as it is thought. With developing technology and techniques plastic surgery has become an extremely comforable and safe tool, not as troublesome as it used to be. First of all we need to examine plastic surgery, its before and after process, in order to understand what plastic surgery is.

Plastic surgery refers to any type of surgery performed to reconstruct or change a part of the body or its characteristic appearance. Until the early 2010’s , plastic surgery was a difficult and effortful process as it was thought. WitWith developing technology, althought plastic surgery is now painless and effortless as before, old difficulties still remain in people’s mind. Especially in the last 5 years, the plastic surgery industry has made a rapid recovery and old difficulties have almost completely disappeared. In short, thanks to the developing technology and techniques in palstic surgery, the patient does not encounter difficulties as before, on the contrary, goes through and extremely comfortable process. Plastic surgery is divided into many branches such as rhinoplasty,  J-Plasma, face lift, breast operations, liposuctions and so on. Altought plastic surgery is divided into many different branches, the process of all of them are almost the same.

Pre-process of Plastic Surgery
In the pre-process of plastic surgery, according to the patient’s request, the patient is diagnosed either online or in the clinic. The suitability of the patient for the desired operation is decided under the supervision of the doctor and medical team. Necessary plans are made by considering the patient’s conditions such as smoking, alcohol usage, pregnancy status and the patient’s health status. Depending on the results of all these controls, the patient is made ready for the operation.

Post-Process of Plastic Surgery

In the post-process of plastic surgery, the post-operative condition of the patient whose surgery has been completed is observed by the doctors.When the patient is ready s/he is discharged and the remote observation process begins. The patient is regularly called by experienced assistants and the recovery process is checked. If it is necessary, suggestions for taking precautions are given and routine controls are continued. 

We Briefly reviewed the process of plastic surgery.Hence, we know that unlike other surgical operations, plastic surgery is a surgical discipline which includes the least risk factor. The most curious question of those who are interested in plastic surgery is where this operations is the best done. This surgical operation, which patients confide their appearance to doctors, can have extremely serious consequences if perfomed by non-specialist hands. The most reliable adresss of plastic surgery is Turkey today. The interest of Turkish doctors in plastic surgery makes Turkish doctors successful in this sector. As a matter of fact, changing Exchange rates also Show Turkey as the address of the most affordable plastic surgery prices. 

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