Nando’s new menu is bringing the heat this winter with its celebration of sides

Nando’s has launched its brand-new menu, with sides taking centre stage. The chicken chain’s inviting food lovers across the UK and Ireland to embrace their ‘side character energy’ this winter.

Garlic Bread’s no longer the supporting act – it’s the star in the new Garlic Churrasco Burger. That’s two flame-grilled chicken thighs, pickled red onions, mixed salad leaves and all-new Smoky Churrasco PERinaise. Served in the ultimate burger bun… Nando’s Garlic Bread.

That’s not the only side enjoying the limelight either. Nando’s has unveiled a new icon: PERi-Mac & Cheese. Cheesy macaroni with a crunchy, garlicky PERi-PERi crumb topping. A comforting classic with a Nando’s twist to heat up colder months.

There’s a new Leafy Green Salad also making its debut and fan favourite guest spice, Smoky Churrasco returns for a limited time only, so get it whilst you can!

Ending things on a sweet note, Nando’s new Warm Chocolate Pud is an indulgent new dessert for winter. A gooey chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream and a sweet orange curd that’s got a flicker of chilli.

The new menu’s available from today at all restaurants across the UK and Ireland. To stay up to date with the latest Nando’s news, download the Nando’s app and follow @Nandosuk on Instagram and TikTok.

Prices & nutritional information

  • Garlic Churrasco Burger 789kcal, £10.25
  • PERi-Mac & Cheese 297kcal, £4.75
  • Leafy Green Salad 174kcal, £4.25
  • Warm Chocolate Pud 705kcal, £5.75
  • Smoky Churrasco 43kcal, per serving

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