M&S Food expects to sell over 2.75 MILLION peony stems this season

With over 4 MILLION #peony tags on Instagram, there’s no denying these stunning blooms are the horticultural HIT of spring and summer. What’s more, peony season is now such a hotly anticipated phenomenon that M&S Food is anticipating a 15% increase in peony sales this year – with over 2.75 MILLION stems expected to be brightening up floral arrangements across the UK!

M&S has been selling peonies for over a decade and is proud to work with some of the best and more experienced suppliers in the country.

Gordon Flint has been supplying M&S with the best quality British peonies for almost 10 years. What started as a small-scale retirement project to grow a few stems at home in Lincolnshire quickly grew into something much bigger, and the farm is now growing almost a third of the British peonies sold across M&S Foodhalls and online each year.

Five years ago, Gordon’s daughter Laura left her corporate job to join the peony project and has been on a mission to continually improve not only the quality of blooms but also how they work with nature on the farm, and is even looking at ways to extend the British peony season for longer.

Kathryn Camps, Senior Horticulture Technologist at M&S said; “Thanks to Gordon, Laura and our other fabulous growers, we are proud to be offering customers EVEN MORE peonies than ever before – five stunning bouquets in our Foodhalls, as well as a further four online. And because these are peonies grown especially for M&S, we know they’re the absolute pick of the bunch – big, bright and super-blowsy. We can’t wait to see them all over our Instagram feeds very soon!”

Ready to create your own Insta gold with these pretty pinks?


In store you’ll find five different types of peony bouquets, starting from just £5 for our Five Stem Peony Bunch, up to £20 for our Premium Peony Bouquet which is a mix of stunning foliage and peonies together.


A selection of gorgeous peony bouquets are also available to order online and are the perfect gift for a friend or family member, as well as a stunning treat for yourself. Each one comes with a five-day freshness guarantee (just like the Foodhall arrangements), free nominated day delivery and a gift message – and arrives in bud to ensure the longest possible bloomage once they are displayed in your home.

Discover the full range of M&S peonies in your nearest Foodhall or online.


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