How to de-stress with CBD oil?

One of the predisposing factors of many diseases is undoubtedly stress. For many of us, it becomes the day to day, especially for people who have a large number of duties in their daily routine. We come home tired to take care of your family, which at the end of the day is exhausting!

You feel you think about everything you have to do tomorrow and the few hours of sleep you have. Then you cannot fall asleep immediately, reducing your rest hours even more.

It creates a vicious circle, which is transformed into a significant level of social stress that is usually inevitable. Still, thanks to science and its research this considerable problem can be solved, it is here when CBD oil comes in!

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CBD is a cannabis compound that offers endless benefits in the treatment of the symptoms of many diseases. One of them is to considerably reduce stress, which no matter how harmless it may seem, can develop serious psychological conditions over time.

Stress and impacts on our lives

The symptoms caused by stress are quite broad. They will be organized according to your mood (such as restlessness, anxiety, irritability or anger, sadness or depression, lack of motivation or decreased concentration) your behaviour (outbursts of anger, consumption smoking, high food consumption or well below usual alcoholism) and physically (such as headache, fatigue, changes in sexual desire, sleep disorders, muscle tension or pain, and others).

When we talk about treatments to reduce or control stress, we find a wide range of medications and mental therapies. They will help considerably to eradicate this condition. However, when stress is chronic, the patient must consume conventional drugs that usually cause side effects and even create addiction.

CBD is studied in conjunction with stress to assess their interaction

Like any new drug, it needs a process of research and tests to demonstrate its effectiveness against the disease. Below, we name some of the studies carried out on CBD and its benefits against stress. Click here for information on Penguin CBD.

A study carried out in 2015, aimed at a small group of just 24 people, verified the effectiveness of CBD in the face of the reaction of these participants when speaking in public. It was observed that they were relatively calm when exposing their speeches, so it was concluded that CBD decreased nerves in pressure situations, considerably.

A study carried out in healthy patients and in patients with seasonal anxiety, that undoubtedly carries stress in its structure, was explicitly carried out in 60 patients who were administered CBD on different dates. It concluded that taking cannabidiol or CBD before performing any task, helped to considerably reduce feelings of anxiety and stress in most patients, including both healthy and pathological.

In 2016, a report published in Neurotherapeutics was demonstrating the benefits of CBD against anxiety-related disorders. Researchers concluded that CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders given its anxiolytic, panolytic properties and anticompulsive, as well as a decrease in the conditioned expression of fear. Also, CBD oil reduces worries, and it is blocking the reconsolidation and the prevention of the long-term anxiolytic effects of stress.

A 2013 study focused on the effect of CBD on cortisol, which showed a decrease in cortisol in the body while consuming CBD. That same year, it was demonstrated that CBD oil consumption regulated the emotional response to trauma. It is also avoiding a higher level of stress as the action of CBD in the body is to reduce stress receptors in the amygdala and the hippocampus, which together regulate the processing of the senses and emotions.

The last study tells us how patients suffering from anxiety, depression and stress used cannabis to observe its effects on these conditions, which resulted in a 50% decrease in depression and a 58% in anxiety and stress.

Although the research is not yet sufficient to describe the action of CBD in the face of stress more deeply, scientists noted that the data presented to date is quite promising.

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Consult your doctor!

It is recommended that if you are considering the use of CBD oil for the treatment of your stress, you should consult a doctor since he or she can help you choose the CBD oil that suits you best, and to correct the dosage according to your needs.

You need to evaluate your response to CBD oil in case of being the first time you consume it.

A doctor can also carry out exhaustive monitoring of the progress that CBD has in your body in the face of stress treatment.


We can say that even though the studies are not complete, the use of CBD oil in the treatment of stress is quite beneficial, giving the patient an improvement in their lifestyle and without any consequences. We can treat various types of stress with CBD oil regardless of its severity, correctly adjusting the dose and choosing the best product, we can ensure good results.

It is essential to bear in mind that the use of JustBob CBD oil will only help to reduce stress levels, it is up to us to reduce the causative agents of this condition, this would be the best way to eradicate stress from our lives completely.

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