How Fashion Nova Became Gen Z’s Newest Fast Fashion Obsession

We’re currently living in an era where if Gen Z gets obsessed with your products, then you’re bound to make more sales than you had projected.  Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand, finds pride in being the newest Gen Z’s fast fashion obsession.

But how did this brand, launched in 2006, manage to beat other mega-brands that have been in the fashion industry for a longer time? Here’s how.


Generation Z comprises young people between the age of 6 to 24. People in this age bracket are mostly still dependent on their parents and guardians for financial support; therefore, affordability means a lot to them.

 Fashion Nova, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand, finds pride in being the newest Gen Z’s fast fashion obsession. has perfectly addressed the money issue by producing surprisingly affordable fast-fashion pieces. This affordability has made it possible for Gen Z to stock their wardrobes with collections of trendy, savage-styled pieces from Fashion Nova.

Most Nova items are priced retail below $50, which is pretty affordable for most youngsters.  Besides, Fashion Nova has crazy sales deals where items are sold at even lower prices. It’s no wonder the brand has become the latest Gen Z’s fast fashion obsession.

Influencers and Celebrities

There’s a great connection between influencers or celebrities and Gen Z. Most members of this generation take celebrities as their idols and want to lead a lifestyle similar to theirs, and that includes their clothing choices.

As a part of its marketing strategy, Fashion Nova uses several influencers and celebrities to showcase its outfits. In fact, in one of his interviews, Richard Saghian, the founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, revealed that the brand works with between 3,000 to 5,000 celebrities and influencers.

Some of the popular influencers working with Fashion Nova include Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Megan Thee Stallion, to mention a few.

With the increased hype of Fashion Nova amongst celebrities and influencers, Gen Z has also found its way into this fashion brand. These young adults are excited to copy their favorite influencers’ fashion styles. Fashion Nova has become Gen Z’s go-to website whenever they need a change or addition in their wardrobe. Fashion Nova never disappoints!


Lately, Instagram has evolved from just a mere social interaction platform used mainly to share photos into a business-like platform. Most sales deals are now being closed on Instagram’s streets.

Being a global fashion brand, Fashion Nova has managed to maintain an active social media presence to connect with its worldwide clients. One of the platforms that have seen Nova grow to the place it is today is Instagram. Currently, this fast-fashion house has over 20 million Instagram followers, a significant number of them being Gen Zs seeking to quench their thirst for affordable, trendy fashion.

Besides being active on Instagram, Fashion Nova has a hashtag labeled #NovaBabes, which you can use to post photos and videos while tagging the brand. Through this hashtag, you can win a chance to feature on Nova’s timeline.


Over the past few years, there has been an increased social hype around TikTok. This social media platform allows people to share videos with their audience, and Fashion Nova is one of the fashion brands with a huge Tik Tok following. Currently, Nova has over 2.8M fans on Tik Tok.

Fashion Nova keeps its fans engaged on Tik Tok through eye-catching videos that display different outfits. Much thought is placed in making the short Tik Tok videos, thus gaining the attention of fans worldwide, especially Gen Z. In most cases, fans are left yearning for more videos.

In a nutshell, we can say this global fashion brand has addressed most of Gen Z’s needs and preferences. By doing so, it has won a ticket to being the newest Gen Z fashion obsession.

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