Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours Kickstart Springtime With Cruise Ship Excursions 

The Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours celebrate the arrival of springtime with their exciting cruise ship excursions. Setting sail from Belfast Harbour, these day trips offer a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and heritage of Northern Ireland from the majestic Irish Sea.

Passengers will be treated to comprehensive shore excursions at each stop, journeying through the historic allure of Belfast City, the untamed beauty of Giant’s Causeway, and the ancient grandeur of Carrickfergus Castle, with its 800-year legacy. Fans of the iconic ‘Game of Thrones’ series will delight in visiting filming locations like the Dark Hedges (Kingsroad) and Cushendun Caves.

Led by an Experienced and Knowledgeable Tour Guide

Each tour is enriched by a knowledgeable tour guide who brings these iconic locations to life, sharing tales of history, beauty, and culture. Spring and summer are ideal for these excursions, offering pleasant weather to enjoy the splendid views. However, given Northern Ireland’s penchant for occasional drizzles, dressing appropriately is advised.

One of the best aspects of these cruise excursions is the opportunity to witness numerous iconic Northern Irish landmarks without the need for lengthy drives. Guests can marvel at the stunning coastal vistas and expansive waters, making these tours perfect for cruise visitors or those on a brief visit to Belfast.

How To Book?

Guests are invited to book tours by simply calling; +447967347960 or by visiting the website.

John Mullan, Company Owner of Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours said, “Our goal at Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours is to offer a distinctive and memorable experience to visitors in Northern Ireland. Our Cruise Ship Excursions epitomise this ambition and have become a favoured option during the warmer months. We recommend booking early to secure your spot, as these tours are highly sought-after and tend to fill up quickly.”

The Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours 

The Giant’s Causeway Coastal Tours are one of the leading providers of tours in Northern Ireland. Beyond their renowned Cruise Ship Excursions, they also offer a range of other immersive tours, showcasing the best of what Northern Ireland has to offer.

Among their most popular trips are the Bushmills Distillery tour, Golf Tours, Game of Thrones Adventure, and of course the iconic Giant’s Causeway Tour. These thoughtfully curated excursions allow passengers to fully immerse themselves in each location, dedicating an entire day to explore and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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