Freemasons Support Local Community with Rescue Packs for the Elderly.

 During times of such national fear and uncertainty it is fabulous to see communities come together to help each other and support those in need. The Freemasons from the Crumlin Road Masonic Hall have purchased and arranged the distribution of toilet roll to be delivered to a total of 300 elderly people within the local area this weekend, with each receiving 8 rolls.

Freemason, Leslie Weir who is driving the project says that we all need to pull together during these difficult times; “In an effort to help the elderly members of the lodges that sit in our hall I decided to use some contacts I have to not only help them and the other members who have underlying medical problems, but to assist the elderly residents in and around the area of the hall. 

“Our hall is part of the fabric of this community and we wanted to show people that, whilst we are of course not meeting as we normally would, this great organisation we belong to is here to help and cares about everybody in our local community. 

“There has never before been a time where the true meaning of being a Freemason has been more important, as humans first and Freemasons second we are here to support our communities, we hope that this small gesture will help to make life a little easier for the vulnerable people in our community as they face the difficult challenge of self isolation. 

“We do hope that we will be able to continue this work as the weeks pass byand we are all working toghether to see how else we can help, but we will have to take it day by day. Rest assured we will be doing all we can to offer our ongoing support within our community.”

The packs will be distributed through both the Falls Road and the Shankhill Road Community Groups and also through the younger Freemasons who will deliver the toilet rolls in bags, whilst wearing gloves to the elder members within their lodges.

Freemason, Neil Ritchie aged 89, has received one of the first packs distributed; “I have struggled to get the basics needed for everyday life and this help has been truly amazing and very appreciated at such a difficult time. Its wonderful to see people come together and support their local communities when it really matters.”

The aim of the Freemasons is empower members to be the best they can be, both for themselves and society around them. It does this by providing a structure of support to help them make positive contributions to their local communities, whether it be through fundraising events or volunteer work. In an uncertain world, the Masonic principles of integrity, respect and charity ring as true today as they ever have before

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