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Do You Really Need a Leaf Blower?

Keeping a tidy yard or outdoor area is one of the duties of a homeowner. Not only do you want it to be attractive and safe for you and your family, it’s also good for others to see you keep a tidy garden. The same goes for owners of commercial and industrial premises, as first impressions mean a lot to visitors.

There are many tools that one can invest in that help keep a garden neat and tidy. Some are obvious – the lawnmower, for example, which is essential for your lawn to be kept in trim – but others may not spring to mind so readily.

One of these is the leaf blower. Why are they not as popular as some other garden implements, and why might you want one? There has been some controversy over the efficiency and eco-friendliness of leaf blowers and whether the petrol models are in fact green, but we believe the job they do makes them part of the eco-friendly drive.

Why is this? Let’s have a closer look at leaf blowers and what they’re all about. We’ll start by talking about the different types of leaf blower.

What is a Leaf Blower?

Like many garden implements a leaf blower is precisely what it says: a device used to blow leaves! But it should be said that there is much more to what is a very versatile and usable implement.

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There are two main types of leaf blower. The electric models are usually used on smaller gardens.

They are powered by an electric motor and are sometimes rechargeable and otherwise corded. They are useful, but if you start to use one you may not find it is powerful enough. This is especially so when you live in a place with many trees.

The beauty of a leaf blower lies in the way they can be used to guide fallen leaves quickly and efficiently – and sometimes other debris – to a place where you can easily pick them up to dispose of. This is a time-saving device that gets rid of the old brush and shovel method of dealing with fallen leaves. So, do you need one, or will it just be used once and then never again? We believe that you will find a leaf blower to be very useful!

Why You Will Use a Leaf Blower

Think of the mess that leaves cause in your garden after fall and in winter. You look outside and see it but can’t face going out in the cold weather to clear up with a brush, so you simply leave it! If you had a blower you would know how easy it is to switch on and blow those leaves into one convenient pile where you can either scoop them up quickly or start a fire with them.

You might want to add them to your compost heap and mulch them and it’s much easier to do than if you must use the manual method.

We believe the leaf blower to be one of the more useful of all the tools, and they need not be expensive. We recommend, however, that if you have anything other than a small outdoor space you consider the gas-powered models. They are more powerful and will make your life much easier when it comes to getting those outdoor spaces looking beautiful and neat once again.