5 Stylish Dumbbell Sets for Women That You Can Buy Online

Women have many different fitness goals and interests. Marathon runners have very different fitness goals and needs compared to fitness models or fashionistas. It makes sense to get equipment tailored to your workout style. In the end, you should buy equipment that you love to use every day. Here’s a variety of excellent dumbbells that you can work into your routines.


Bala Bars

Bala Bars are perfect for runners. Three pounds is about the weight of a small book, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you run seven miles with them.  

Running with weights helps strengthen your core muscles and teaches you to run more efficiently. They’ll work best as you train yourself to run without over-using your arms.

Three pounds isn’t going to strengthen your body. It’s about the same weight as a water bottle or a stack of papers. You already do a variety of daily tasks like washing dishes which are in this activity range.


Aquatic Dumbbells

Aquatic dumbbells are entirely different from normal dumbbells. They float on the water, helping you do some kinds of swimming exercises.  

The way they build strength is when you push them down in the water. Pushing down creates resistance similar to assisted push-ups or light cable pulldowns.

Good swimming coaches might have you use these dumbbells to focus your attention on your legs. When used like this, they are similar to a pool noodle.


Amazon Basics Dumbbell Set

The AmazonBasics dumbbell set has everything you need for an effective workout. Fifteen pounds is enough to strengthen major muscles like the back and shoulders, and ten pounds is about the weight of a gallon of milk.

It’s essential to build this level of strength because it helps prevent injuries. We’re much less active than our ancestors, which is the cause of most of our aches and pains.  

Amazon shipping to Ireland does work, but some products are unavailable. If you want access to all of the products, you might need to use an address forwarder.  


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells 

Bowflex dumbbells are great for women with little space who want to perform at their best. These dumbbells go up to 52 pounds, which is a lot.  

Building up your back and butt muscles with heavier weights improves your body’s ability to take sudden shocks. A 35-pound six-year-old can do a lot of damage when he suddenly jumps into your arms if you haven’t been exercising.


Amazon Basics Vinyl 10 Pound Dumbbells.

If I only had one set of dumbbells, it would be this one. 10 pound dumbbells are enough to build muscles in your shoulders with enough repetitions, and they’re a great weight for most kettlebell exercises.  

It’s not always the amount of weight that matters. Doing more reps or holding the weight farther from your core will make the lift much more difficult.


SHINYEVER Adjustable Hand Dumbbells

These dumbbells are super cute, and they’re great for walking. The weight is about the same as a bottle of water, so you’re not building muscles unless you don’t usually do normal household activities.  

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