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10 DIY Hairstyles For Brides

A lot of planning and expenses go into a wedding. From the dress to the venue, catering, entertainment and more. While every bride will want to look her best on her wedding day, it is not advisable to break the bank while doing so. Therefore, if expenses have to be budget-friendly some things wouldn’t need to be outsourced. For instance, wedding hair. There are lots of bridal hairstyles that can be DIY to cut on the expense of hiring a hairdresser. From romantic updos to braids, curls and even mohawks, there are quite a number of quick and easy hairstyles that can save a bride on a budget a good penny. If you find that you’re in need of some of these easy hairstyles to do yourself for a wedding, check out our list of DIY bridal hair to take your pick.

10 DIY Hairstyles for Brides

The Bow Bun

This super feminine and sweet DIY wedding hair is so easy to make. Just curl your hair for added volume, then pull it up into a ponytail, pulling it only halfway through when pulling it through the last loop. This will leave you with a little tail. Divide the poof of your ponytail in half, and loop the tail over the split. This will be the center of your bow. Use bobby pins and hair spray to secure as desired.

The Bun with a Twist

This low bun with a twist is one of our favorite easy wedding hairstyles. You start by parting your hair in two sections and tying them into a knot. Then take the right section to the left, secure with bobby pins, and then twist the left section up and to the right. Pin down and secure as desired.

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The Chignon Roll

With a twist on the classic chignon, this is one easy wedding hairstyle. The rolled-in chignon is achieved by rolling the hair on the left side back, then pin it. Do the same with the right side, then gather the hair towards the ends and secure with elastic. Roll the hair upwards and secure with bobby pins.

The Side Fishtail Braid

Great for a strapless dress, this cute wedding hairstyle is achieved by first pulling the hair to the side. Divide into two sections then start the braid by pulling a piece from the underside and crossing over with the second section until the braid is done, then secure with elastic.

The Topsy Turvy Braid

You can start this fun braid at your part, gathering a piece from each side and looping through a tiny elastic. Flip the little pony you’ve made, and repeat the steps, gathering from each side. Finish the end with a fishtail braid.

The Mini Top Knot

Always trendy, the mini top knot is quite easy to pull off and great if you are looking for quick hairstyles for long hair. Pull the crown of your hair into a slightly messy top bun, then secure with elastic and bobby pins. You’re done.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

If you need easy wedding updos that are also fun, consider this half up half down style. Continuously take sections of hair from the right crown, twist and pin, to the left, and then to alternate sides, until you have done the same for all front sections. Pull out loose pieces and allow them to fall with the hair at the back.

Faux Bob

The faux bob is so easy and involves creating a loose and low braid at the bottom of your hair. And then just tuck it under at the length you want, and securing with bobby pins under.

The Flower Crown Updo

One of our best DIY wedding hairstyles, this will be great for a summer wedding. Just put your elastic flower crown on your head in the position you like, then grabbing the end of your hair in sections, turn upwards and tuck neatly into the elastic of the crown.

Side Swept Waves

Styled after old Hollywood waves, this reminder of stars from the 40s and 50s is easily styled with a 1” curling wand. After sectioning hair from one temple to the adjacent nape, you secure it with clips and begin to curl the hair horizontally from the bottom to the top. Repeat for all in the same direction.

These quick and easy hairstyles are pretty helpful if you are wondering how to do wedding hair all by yourself. Be sure to use a mirror to check the back and adjust when you are done.