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XL Cartridges: Are they better than the regulars?

XL cartridges are relatively self-explanatory – they are cartridges that hold more ink and therefore have a higher page yield than regular cartridges. Indeed, some XL cartridges can hold up to 50% more ink than a standard printer ink cartridge…but does that actually make them a guaranteed better choice? It pays – literally – to understand what these cartridges are and what they’re best used for before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Despite being called XL cartridges, they aren’t actually extra large. In fact they are the same size as standard cartridges with more ink inside. This has led to comments of them being poor value for money, as manufacturing costs don’t tend to differ too much from that of standard cartridges, however the RRP of XL cartridges is a lot higher than standard cartridges.

Whilst there are differing opinions on XL cartridges, they do have their benefits and advantages over standard cartridges. Often referred to as high yield cartridges, XL cartridges can print more pages than standard cartridges, therefore you make fewer ink re-purchases as they last for a longer period of time.

Standard cartridges can be about 30% cheaper than XL cartridges, making them the more appealing on-the-spot option for anyone shopping for ink cartridges – but it’s important to weight up how much more you’re getting for the extra cost.

Businesses for example are likely to use printers regularly, so using XL cartridges will not only save them money in the long run, but will also lower the average cost per page, something that would be higher had they gone with a standard cartridge. Businesses with a high volume of printing jobs might well save a lot by cutting this individual cost per page. For others, this margin may be less significant and reducing high outlay is key to help cash flow.

Buying XL cartridges doesn’t have to be extortionate however, there are ways in which you can get them at more affordable prices. If the initial cost is an issue then you can consider purchasing compatible or remanufactured XL cartridges as these will be cheaper than the branded options.

Using XL cartridges also has a smaller environmental impact than standard cartridges. Creating XL cartridges uses less non-renewable resources and packaging as manufacturers just add more product into a standard sized cartridge. Not only this, but you are disposing of them less often, creating less waste (a matter of concern for many).

The question of whether or not XL cartridges are better than their standard counterparts is one to be answered by the user. Both products have their benefits, and both also have their cons. What you use should be decided upon how often you are using your printer and your budget.