Why The Heathrow Antigen Test Will Help Businesses

The majority of businesses have reopened their doors for some time now, and many are using rapid antigen testing as a way to help keep employees and customers safe. While PCR tests remain the gold standard for Covid-19 testing, antigen tests could play a key role in the recovery of businesses. This is because antigen tests are inexpensive to produce, simple to use and they deliver results in minutes.

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What Are Antigen Tests And How Do They Work?

An antigen test is typically performed by a healthcare professional swabbing the back of a person’s nose or throat. Some testing centres use saliva samples, which are easier and safer to collect than a swab. The obtained sample is then mixed with a solution that breaks the virus open causing the secretion of specific viral proteins. The mix is placed on a paper strip that contains an antibody used to bind to these proteins if they’re present in the solution. Positive test result comes in a form of a fluorescent glow or as a dark band on the paper strip.

Given that some people may experience no symptoms at all, the smartest course of action is to get them tested for the virus as soon as possible.

The primary benefits of antigen Covid-19 testing are associated with timely detecting the coronavirus infection and preventing the spread of the virus from occurring. The big advantage is speed and ease of implementation, with test results back within 20 minutes following a quick swab.

Antigen tests are also much cheaper than PCR tests, which is exactly what big companies are looking for. However, it is important to mention that antigen tests are less reliable and can only detect the infectiousness, not the infection itself. In other words, only people who are highly infectious get a positive result from an antigen test, this being the only downside of the rapid tests.

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How Can Business Benefit From The Heathrow Antigen Test?

At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak all business-related travel was grounded. The forecasts were not too optimistic, and the need for a proper health screening in airports arose. Now all major airports have testing centres that have opened the gates for business and holiday travel. The hospitality industry is slowly getting back on its feet, thanks to rapid testing in place. And many other businesses, irrespective of industry are using antigen testing along with other safety measures to prevent any significant workplace outbreaks.

 As Heathrow antigen test can be easily booked online in advance, companies are finally given the green light to send their employees abroad on missions. Even in the business world, there is a need for a closer relationship which is something that cannot be simply achieved on Zoom or Slack.

Final Words

The urgent need to conduct massive levels of testing led to the consideration of antigen testing on a large scale, even though antigen tests are less reliable. As a consequence, the Heathrow Antigen Test could prove to be a vital asset in allowing businesses to return to their normal activities, including regular business travel abroad and face-to-face meetings.


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