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Why London Offices Should Take Ultra Care In Cleaning Their Premises During Lockdown

The last year has been difficult for everyone on many levels and London businesses have really had to adapt and change how they work to ensure everyone’s safety, follow guidelines and still operate as efficiently as possible to keep the business running during lockdowns and tier systems.

One of the most important ways businesses are looking after their staff and visitors is with office cleaning services within London. While London office cleaning may seem like an obvious requirement during this time, there are actually many reasons why organisations should consider using London office cleaning services during the current (and any future) lockdowns.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why office cleaning London services are more important than ever.

1.  Reduce The Spread

Currently, this is a top priority for every organisation not just in London, but across the country. The cleaner the building is, the less likely it is that the virus can spread and lockdown is prolonged within the area.

Whether the office is full with staff all able to socially distance or just one or two people are visiting daily, there is always the chance that the virus could spread between persons and inevitably cause illness and even death to staff or those around them.

2.  They Are The Experts

Not every member of staff is an expert in the best cleaning methods and even if they are, who really has the time during a busy working day to properly clean their work station, let alone shared areas such as kitchens and washroom facilities.

Professional cleaning providers know how to perform cleaning tasks at a high level, teamed with this, they are also equipped with the best cleaning products, alongside full training as to what does and doesn’t kill coronavirus. Many chemical cleaners can cause damage to surfaces, so these professionals will know how to properly clean every area to rid it of coronavirus, while also ensuring no damage is caused.

3.  Keep Up Security

Even if the office is vacant for a few weeks or months, it’s important to keep it clean. Firstly, regular visits from professional London cleaners means they can keep an eye on the building and alert businesses if anything suspicious has happened, such as smashed windows or security cameras being disrupted.

Secondly, a clean office is a sign of a monitored office. Suspecting criminals who are scouting out a building is more likely to target one that has been neglected during lockdown, as this is a sure sign they won’t be disrupted by cleaning staff or any other employee during their break-in.

4.  Help The NHS

It’s no secret that London hospitals are struggling with capacity at the moment. Everyone should be doing their bit to prevent any more strain on our public hospitals. This isn’t just doing our part to stop the virus spreading and making sure we stay at home, it encompasses so much more.

Any accidents and emergencies that aren’t coronavirus related still add pressure to the NHS and avoiding these in the workplace should be a high priority. Slips, trips and falls aren’t always as drastic as needing hospital attention, but they can be disastrous.

Contract cleaners don’t just clean, but they keep things tidy and up to standard. This means fire exits won’t be blocked, stairwells won’t be left with debris and any liquid will be mopped up and the correct signage placed.

This ensures the risk of anyone hurting themselves and requiring medical attention is significantly reduced and allows the NHS to use their resources for COVID patients and preventing more deaths this year.

It’s a strange year for all of us and it’s time businesses do everything within their power to protect staff, visitors, the NHS and the rest of the public. By ensuring this, we will be able to return to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.