Why it might be Beneficial to produce Your Own Parts

Not every business that uses metal or plastic parts actually manufactures them. In fact, the norm is that they have it produced by other companies, specializing in such processes. However, technology has changed so much, that it might be time to handle production inside your firm. Additive manufacturing has modified the rules in terms of cost and time in such a way that producing by yourself might be wise, today. Here is why.

A Fully Automated Process

You may think that the knowledge necessary to build the parts you need is too complex for you to learn, or that the cost of employees will be too high. However, PBF additive manufacturing is fully automated, which makes it easy to learn. Since it works by itself, you may need to add an employee to handle the preparation load, or you may add the task to someone already working in your company. Both will do, without having to accumulate much higher costs.

Additive manufacturing is the process that we all know of, under another name: 3D printing. It simplifies the process of building parts immensely, when compared to its predecessors, which was based on extrusion. When you produce a piece with 3D printing, you simply have to insert the plan through a CAD software, and the machine will start producing as soon as you press on start. You will only have to feed it the powder metal or rods that it needs, in order for it to do its work.

Saving on Cost and Time

When you decide to bring part production into your company, the investment cost will be important. However, it will also pay itself back in a relatively short period of time. The more parts you currently manufacture outside, the faster it will reimburse itself. That is simply because you won’t have to pay the margin that the supplier charges you, so that he can create revenues for his business. It is sufficiently high, that it accumulates rapidly. And so, by having a machine in-house, that fast accumulation will still be true, but this time, it will play in your favour.

The other issue that you have, when you produce parts through a supplier, is time. It obligates you to think differently than if you could produce them yourself. First, there are often minimum quantities that are required by these manufacturers, which may mean that you will have to produce many more parts than you actually need. Secondly, you may find yourself having to wait for missing parts, if your supplier can’t deliver on time, or you have fallen behind a long list of customers like you, waiting for their products to be delivered. These are important factors, because taking them in account will definitely have an impact on how you manage the money necessary for these parts, which you could keep in your bank account, if you had your own additive manufacturing machine.

“Times they are a changing,” or so goes the song. Maybe it is time to listen to these words and move along with others who are currently benefiting from this new technology

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