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Why Is Cryptocurrency So Popular Today?

The word “cryptocurrency” became very popular in 2011 when Forbes published the information about it.

Not every country uses crypto coins as the official payment method but this method is very attractive to traders.

The owner of any crypto coin is not tied to the particular geographical point, country, etc. 

Cryptocurrency gained its attention because of the following factors:

High incidence and versatility. 

You can find the best crypto wallet for your crypto coins on any computer, mobile phone, or laptop.

Simplicity and openness of payments operations. 

The full history of the incoming and outgoing transactions is stored with no limits in time.

Geographical freedom. 

Each node of the cryptocurrency generation system is equal, there is no single location.


Maximal anonymity makes this system independent.

Crypto bots.

It is very easy to find a crypto trading bot that will trade for you. Of course, you could make it on your own but the processes of app development cost money.

Above I showed you the advantages of cryptocurrency that makes it popular for traders all around the world. 

And now it’s time to talk a bit about its disadvantages:

Password safety. 

You can forget it, lose somewhere or it can be stolen. And in most cases, this situation leads to the loss of money or private data.

High volatility. 

When the price of crypto coins changes, you will either earn or lose. And here everything depends on your trading strategy and emotions.

Governmental limits. 

In some countries, there are some limits on the amount of crypto you can store. 

A lot of people think that cryptocurrency trading is very easy and they run to earn money with any experience. And this is the most popular mistake! 

To trade crypto successfully it is better to spend 1-2 weeks on reading reviews, guides, articles, watching videos, etc. 

And only then I advise you to start trading. And at the beginning of your trading, you should invest a small amount of money just to check your strategy.

Good luck with trading!