What technology do you need to start a business from home?

Starting a business can be a difficult task logistically. However, the right equipment can make the whole process much easier and more streamlined. With cloud software, automated processes and the best technology by your side – you can run nearly any business from home.

Of course, the needs of your business will impact the type and amount of technology you require. There will be some technologies you absolutely need, while other companies do not. Here are some examples of the technology you will most likely need to launch your business from home.

Wi-Fi and connectivity

Do not underestimate the value of fast and reliable Wi-Fi when you are working from home. Every business needs high-speed internet to conduct video meetings, brand launches and quick Google searches. You need the internet to communicate with your team and consumers seamlessly. Stay connected, and always opt for the faster Wi-Fi package.

PC or Laptop?

Each employee should have access to a high-speed, modern and up-to-date laptop. You need to invest in machines with fast processing speeds and high-quality screens. Your tech team, such as web and graphic designers, will need powerful computers to handle the large file sizes. Make sure your team is kitted out with the appropriate technology so they can do their job to the best of their ability.

Laptops are better for portability, while PCs generally have a higher processing speed. Consult an expert to decide what machine is the most appropriate for your team members.

Video call accessibility

If you have a PC, you will need an external mic and camera to conduct video conferences and team meetings. You will also need a reliable platform for hosting virtual meetings with clients and team members. You need to make sure this platform is secure and protected from cybercriminals. You need to take cybersecurity measures to protect your company’s personal information, such as employee and consumer addresses, phone numbers and bank details.

Printing capabilities

If you enjoy the old-fashioned way of doing things, you are doing to need a printer. Print off materials so you can send personalised letters to customers or store your important documents. Sometimes people prefer to store their documents in a physical folder, as opposed to on digital software.


Most remote workers use two monitors to increase their efficiency at work. They will use one monitor for video calls and another to make notes, research and bring up documents. Multiple monitors can help your team multitask and stay organised at home.

Remote working comes with a set of new challenges, and your team will need time to adapt to the new situation. Support them with the best technology and try to automate processes to lessen your overall workload.

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