What Can A Time And Attendance System Do For Your Business?

Time and attendance systems are modern technology that helps to monitor employee shifts, attendance, and their activities at work. These programs have eliminated the old systems that workers often manipulated through time fraud.

The software can enhance efficiency in many other ways. For instance, they can offer employees alternative methods of recording attendance. Some systems allow workers to report via mobile devices such as laptops and phones. 

Secondly, the programmes can also help the human resource (HR) department monitor remote workers. Additionally, HR can easily generate and export data from the system that could be helpful in the payroll process.

Uses Of a Time Keeping System  

New technological improvements for time-keeping systems are being made every day. The advancements are developed to help both employers and employees. However, these time and attendance programmes have varying features depending on the needs of a company. 

Even so, the benefits are significant if they are appropriately utilised. You can discover more about the benefits by browsing through online resources or asking from friends who utilise them.

Below is a list of what a time-keeping system will do to improve work processes for both you and your staff:

Enhances Scheduling

The time and attendance systems can allow managers to organise schedules easily.  This factor eases the tiresome activity of writing and rewriting time logs on paper. With these programs, you can now create daily, weekly, or hourly task plans seamlessly. Most systems will have reusable templates that can allow you to create new schedules neatly, even when there are new changes.

Improves Attendance Monitoring

Automated time-keeping systems allow easy monitoring of employees’ work attendance. Today, checking in, taking breaks, and clocking out of work are done electronically. This eliminates the old book system, where it was easy to commit time fraud. Hence, allowing accurate attendance reports, lessening absenteeism, and saving the company on undeserved labour payments.

Time-keeping programmes can serve as one way to improve productivity at work. It’s because they allow maximum workforce flexibility and time-saving. Workers can report to or off work via a mobile application, a web browser, text message, or social media channels.  They can also access schedules from their accounts, ask for day-offs, or check their balances for paid time off. 

These self-service features make things easier for workers. They can now save the time wasted on filling in forms and taking the paperwork to HR.

Allows Location-Based Tracking

Some jobs will require staff to visit a worksite. Others are permanently field-based. Earlier, it was challenging to identify if an employee reported to a job site on time or even showed up. The manager had to be there to ensure this. Also, it was easy for the worker to leave, in the middle of their shift, without the supervisor noticing. The time-keeping system deals with this effectively.

Software with geofencing help managers programme the system with the precise coordinates the employee should log in to. Therefore, the manager will know if and when the worker got to the worksite. Those with geolocation, on the other hand, will help to periodically document workers’ coordinates. With this, the employer can know if the employee left the job site during working hours.

Time and attendance systemEliminates All Kinds of Time Theft

Time theft refers to the time paid to employees which they didn’t work for. Workers can steal time by taking extended breaks or by misusing the Internet while at work. Time is also stolen when staff sign in or out for colleagues who were either absent or left early. This act is also known as buddy punching. Taking too much personal time to answer a call or sort personal emails is also a form of time theft.

Installing time and attendance systems is one of the most effective ways to deal with these crimes. For instance, time-keeping software with biometric systems helps to deal with buddy punching. Such systems allow employees to get into work or access work systems through unique identifiers. These can be unique codes, fingerprints, or personal smart badges. 

Some systems also have a time tracking feature. The programme will take screenshots periodically on the computer, showing what the employee was doing at a particular time. This element will also work effectively in monitoring remote workers. As a result, other forms of time theft, such as internet misuse, extended personal time, and long breaks, are eliminated.

Ensures Legal Compliance

Every country has specific laws that address issues like data security or maximum working hours. Having a time and attendance system programmed to ensure these factors will save you from related lawsuits. The software will also allow you to keep records that can serve as evidence in court. In the end, your company will be safe from any potential losses that may result from a lawsuit.


Time and attendance systems benefit the business in many ways. They make attendance management, scheduling, and location-based tracking easy. The programmes will also shield you from any lawsuits that relate to maximum working hours or data security. Lastly, the software will help to increase productivity at work by eliminating all forms of time theft.