What are the branches of digital marketing and why do we need to know them?

First of all, I need to mention that knowing the branches of digital marketing is very useful and efficient for people who want to learn digital marketing or digital marketing, because knowing the types of digital marketing and separating them from each other can make a good team to earn. And consider their work and easily increase their rate of return on investment.

At this point, it is better to say that in the field of digital marketing, it is very difficult to be an expert in all its branches, and if one wants to act as an expert in several branches, one must be careful to have enough experience in all fields.

Digital Marketing is divided into 10 categories:

  • Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) SEO
  • Content Marketing Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Real human website traffic
  • Email Marketing Email Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing
  • Viral Marketing Viral Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing

In the following, we will examine each branch to clarify their meaning.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization

In this branch of digital marketing, we must be careful to optimize our site, that is, to perform activities on our site so that our site is promoted in search engines in terms of rank in specific words related to our products.

This ranking is very important in the first pages of search engines and the first links because many users see your site and are directed to your site and eventually the number of your customers will increase.

It should be noted that SEO of a site requires sufficient knowledge and information in this field. Therefore, before taking any action, you should be an expert in this field and be able to identify the keywords related to your products that are most searched by users.

Then optimize your products for those keywords so that you can be ranked by search engines.

The sub-branches of SEO include content SEO, console search analysis, internal and external link building, technical SEO and competitor analysis.

Content Marketing or (Content Marketing) Content Marketing

One of the most important parts of digital marketing goes back to this branch of digital marketing. If you want to know the reason, I must say that the content of each screw for the product is the best part to attract customers.

If you have a very beautiful site and a very good and quality product, but you have not considered appropriate and quality content or content to provide this product, you will not receive a good ranking in SEO by search engines at all.

In order to be able to provide the right content for your product or to put various articles about your product on your website, you must not only have accurate and good information about all the details of the product, but you must also have writing skills, because you must be able to Use specific words that have more power in your content and promote your site in search engines with those powerful words.

One of the sub-categories of this category is attracting leads and converting leads into customers.

Mobile Marketing or Mobile Marketing

If this type of digital marketing works well, it can be very effective in business growth. Because most people in different age groups have mobile phones. If marketing is done through mobile and it is on the right track, it can attract many customers. In this section, you should pay attention to a few things, including:

Compatibility of your website and applications with mobile users

There are several points about the compatibility of your website and applications with the audience’s mobile

Tip 1: Optimize all pages of your website with high loading speed, you should be careful that the loading speed of the mobile version of your website should be 3 times that of the desktop version to reduce the bounce rate.

Second point: search engine optimization in the mobile version. You need to do your SEO in such a way that it is similar on the Google results page after searching on mobile and desktop.

 Third point: your content should be personalized, i.e., your content should be considered by you personally with your own writing for specific people in terms of gender, age, location and other items.

Pay attention to ads!

In mobile marketing we must be careful: 

  1. Consider ads that have the least description and the most impact on the audience.
  2. Place your ads on popular social networks such as Telegram or Instagram.
  3. Advertise via SMS or SMS that you can send your text with the shortest sentences.
  4. You can display ads by considering your location and location for users in a certain range. For example, you can display ads for people within a kilometer radius of your business.
  5. You can do ads by notification to keep certain users at certain times that are sent by specific applications.
  6. In-app advertising is another way. For example, making a promotional video and placing it at the beginning and end of mobile games by special companies can be effective.

Social Marketing or Social Marketing

As you know, this branch of digital marketing through social traffic visitors is in a very good position for business growth today. The reason is that the audience is very interested in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other networks.


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