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Top signs that you should speak to a medical negligence solicitor

Should your doctor have said that? Are they not listening to you? Did the surgery go wrong, yet no one seems to be concerned over the impact it will have on your life? Every year, there are thousands of innocent patients who are left confused, vulnerable and ultimately, injured due to the negligible actions of their medical practitioners and doctors.

The problems could have stemmed from a misdiagnosis, or a delayed diagnosis, a surgical error, a problem during the birth of your child or an issue related to your medication. It’s not easy to find the confidence to highlight the potential errors your doctor could have made, which makes pursuing a medical malpractice case incredibly overwhelming – click here to discover the average compensation for medical negligence.

To give you some guidance, we’ve highlighted the top signs that mean you should probably speak to a medical negligence solicitor.

You have new injuries

If you went to your doctor with one problem, and then as a result of their actions you’re now struggling with more pain (pain that isn’t relevant to your medical case), new injuries, disabilities or permanent injuries that have lowered your quality of life then you should speak to a PI lawyer now. Acting as soon as possible will give you a more viable medical negligence claim.

You know a mistake happened

Just because your doctor spoke to you after your surgery and explained that he’d made a mistake, or they’ve admitted that they’ve misdiagnosed you, it doesn’t mean you should accept it. They’ve made a mistake that could have been avoided and they’ve lowered your quality of life. Therefore they should face the consequences. Alternatively, if you’re suspicious that things haven’t gone correctly and there seems to be no definitive explanation as to why you’re now in this medical position, speak with a PI solicitor.

You don’t know what to do next

If you’re convinced that you have a claim, then knowing where to begin can be a struggle. Especially if you’re ill and struggling with your health. A medical negligence solicitor will take over your case and take care of the details for you. Allowing you time to focus on your recovery.

You’ve had additional time off work

If you’ve had additional time off work due to the injuries, you need to attend more appointments, or you’re in so much pain you can’t go back to your job, then you should speak with a medical negligence solicitor. A continued loss of earnings can result in damage to your financial stability and leave you unable to support your family.

And finally, your life has been devastated

If you were once able-bodied and now you’re registered as disabled, you’ve lost your vision, limbs, or the cancer treatment you received was too late and now you’re left infertile and so on, then you could be a victim of medical negligence. If your life has been turned upside down and effectively devastated due to the negligible and avoidable actions of your doctor then you should reach out to a medical negligence solicitor now.