Top 8 Do’s and Don’ts to Succeed in the Digital Marketing Industry

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools that an entrepreneur can take advantage of. For this reason, business owners leverage it to develop a digital marketing strategy for their company.

But, there are do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when it comes to pursuing digital marketing success. We’ve put together a short guide to help you carve your path.

Let’s take a look.

The Do’s

There’s a handful of practices that you will need to incorporate into your strategy. These will help you lay the foundation for your future success with digital marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable.

1. Evaluating & Understanding Data

Understanding the information about your business that you have access to is essential. But, this is much more than simply consulting Google Analytics.

To elaborate, you’re also able to take advantage of Facebook Insights, Google My Business, etc. to gain a better understanding of your online performance. It gives you the ability to see how users engage with your content and the frequency of clicks and methods of finding you. Put simply, you should prioritize checking the analytics of any platform that you use online.

You can also look for any consistencies in this data to help you determine which tactics are most effective for your marketing techniques. Remember, it’s important to focus on areas where you can improve while also continuing to test and evaluate what is working too. Anyone can look over data, not everyone can understand it!

2. Personalize & Cultivate Your Brand

In order for your strategy to be as effective as possible, you’ll need to place a heavy emphasis on branding. Part of this responsibility includes showcasing to your audience the finer details of your business.

This is why so many brands post content on websites like Medium, LinkedIn, etc. — they aim to give their target demographic a look at how their brand thinks.

Depending on what industry you operate within, you should also consider utilizing other platforms. Instagram is great for companies that primarily work with digital media.

3. Thoroughly Research Your Target Audience

It should come as no surprise that it’s imperative to have a strong understanding of your target demographic. Otherwise, you risk being unable to get your content in front of them.

Additionally, you might target the right individuals but present them with irrelevant content. To get started, you need to consider key attributes like:

  •     Age
  •     Level of education
  •     Hobbies/interests
  •     Geographic location
  •     Ethnic background/primary languages
  •     Annual income

This will give you a solid foundation that you can use to better understand your audience. Setting the right tone of voice will better your chance of conversion and should also be considered in the branding phase. Utilizing the data captured from social channels and analytics is a great space to use that research you collected above!

4. Test Your Methods

One of the best attributes of digital marketing is the capability to easily test your methods. To clarify, let’s assume that you’ve been posting a certain type of content in the past week or so.

By looking at a six-month trend, you might notice that your engagement recently has been far higher than normal. From here, you can post this type of content again in the future to see if it performs equally well. Looking at all factors is a must, from the time of posting, the day of the week and the type of content, audience type and tone in which it was directed to is equally as important. A great marker constantly challenges methods looking for the best conversion rates and ways to adapt. A/B testing is another good area for marketers to tap into!

The Don’ts

Just as there are strategies you should implement, there are also practices you should avoid. Failure to do so will only create obstacles for you in the future.

Let’s explore what you should know.

1. Don’t Get Caught up in the Fluff

It can be tempting to chase certain metrics such as ‘likes’ on Instagram and Facebook. The truth is, though, that these do very little to determine your long-term success.

The main benefit that comes from pursuing ‘likes’ is a sense of approval that you are on the right path. Instead, you should always look at your analytics to determine your performance.

After all, it’s much better to have high sales numbers and very few ‘likes’ as opposed to the inverse.

2. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient digital marketing methods that you can take advantage of. When handled correctly, it might even be your most lucrative strategy.

If you feel that your current email list isn’t quite as large as you would like it to be, consider creating a landing page on your website. This is essentially a webpage where there is only one action to take.

In this scenario, the user would provide their email address in exchange for something free, such as a download, newsletter, etc. You can then use this information to send these users offers in the future. This is known as a lead generation or lead capture campaign.

Since they’ve already expressed interest in your brand, these users are far more likely to make a purchase.It also means you can easily retarget these clients, as your data indicates they are interested and are in the awareness stage of the sales funnel.

3. Don’t Assume You Know Everything

Even if your business is performing better than you anticipated, this doesn’t mean that you know everything about digital marketing. In reality, it takes years and years of trial and error in order to develop a strong understanding of how to get certain results.

Additionally, the digital marketing industry evolves every single day. What worked a year ago (or even a month ago) may not work today, and you will need to adapt accordingly. This is why we suggest to test,test,test!

4. Don’t Be Shady

Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs out there who utilize something known as ‘black hat’ practices in their digital marketing strategy. For those unaware, this refers to the use of shady tactics in order to increase performance.

To elaborate, there’s a strong difference between having 500,000 legitimate followers on Instagram and having 500,000 followers that are all fake accounts.

On the surface, both brands seem equal in terms of notoriety. But, the second brand won’t have the staying power when it comes to long-term performance and engagement.

Do your best to avoid using strategies like this at all costs — many websites that use them are often penalized by Google.

Achieving Digital Marketing Success Can Seem Difficult

But, the above information will help you reach your goals as effectively as possible. From here, the digital marketing success that you experience will take your business to the next level and allow you to hit metrics like never before.

Author Quentin Aisbett  

Founder at OnQ Marketing

Quentin Aisbett is the founder and strategist at OnQ Marketing. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he wants to assist other businesses succeed through quality marketing strategies. Quentin has a strong focus on SEO, content creation and marketing automation. He also has experience on local and mobile SEO, content strategy, and marketing automation.

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