Tips to Attract New Customers and Retain the Old Ones

When you start your organization, the next step is to think about clients. You need to know how you will keep your average clients and how you will attract more clients to your business. When you think about this, you will be able to expand your business, and you might even get customers worldwide because of how popular your business is. When you get your first customers, make sure you build a strong relationship with them first and listen to them; through this, you will learn a lot from them, you will know what clients are looking for, and you will get feedback on your business.

When you are ready to listen to your customers, it will be easier to attract new customers because you will have your target audience. If you don’t know where to start, you could seek help from marketing companies and they will guide you on your business and how you could attract and gain customers quickly. Kadence International is one example.

The things you need to put into consideration are;

  1. Have great customer service

Exemplary customer service is essential, whether through a person or a chatbot. As a business owner, you should train your workers on how they will answer your client’s questions, and to do this, they need to understand everything about the business. Most managers usually teach their employees about sales pitches, apologies and how to greet customers, but customers have real issues that they need answers to. For you and the customer to be on the same page, use their names to address them and be polite and try to give them the correct answers.

2.  Use negative remarks to your advantage

When customers come to you with complaints or hostile remarks, don’t take them to heart; instead, you should acknowledge them and try to understand why they didn’t like your product or services. When you look at this situation in this way, you will be able to know what customers want and what they don’t. Once an issue has been brought to you, find a way to deal with it and apologize to your client.

3. Use social media

Social media has become a huge factor in most businesses since many people are using social media to advertise their business and communicate with customers. The most common platforms to use are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But, you don’t have to use these particular platforms to attract your customers; you could use platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat. You could also use Reddit when you want your work to be rated and when you want to discuss it with potential customers. You could also use WhatsApp to inform your contacts about your business, and your friends could be your potential clients.

4. Indulge in volunteer work

Many people usually think volunteering is just a way of showing off, but this is not the case. To make a difference, you could volunteer in churches, schools and mosques, and you could meet various partners and clients through this. As you continue advertising your business through volunteering, make sure the donations and sponsorship are done in your firm’s name and not by your name. Through this, you will also retain customers because clients love businesses that give back to society.


Many customers say that they go back to a place where they were treated well and where there was positive customer service. When you want to attract and retain the customers you already have, make sure you look into the tips above. Make sure you know what type of business you will be running to know which method will favor you more.

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