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Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider An Apprenticeship Scheme

We’re two months into 2021 and while there’s no denying that we are all still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 on businesses, not to mention Brexit, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

It is time for business owners to pivot from reacting to a series of unpredictable challenges to taking confident steps forward, and growing your team is a big part of that. However, it’s important to be realistic about a number of factors when it comes to bringing someone new on board. After all, expansion for the sake of expansion is never a good strategy and can set you back just as much as anything else. You need to know that creating a new position will not just bring the right person on board, but will help to push your business forward. Here are just a few reasons why an apprenticeship is the way to go.

An Apprenticeship Scheme Is Adaptable

So, you know that you need someone new on board, but what does that actually translate to? If you’re looking for another pair of hands, an apprenticeship allows you to create the role that suits your needs while training the person you have chosen and helping them to develop their skillset. Did you know that 86% of employers stated that apprentices were vital to filling the gaps in their businesses? You identify where you need help and you help the apprentice to deliver it.

An Apprenticeship Scheme Is Great For Your Team

There is no substitute for the kind of positive energy that a new member of the team can bring, but there is something even more special about the impact that bringing an apprentice on board can have to your business. No matter how motivated you are or how much you enjoy your job, everyone is prone to falling into easy patterns after a certain point, of finding the easy fixes and taking shortcuts.

By working with an apprentice and showing them the ropes, a workforce can become re-energised and re-engaged. Employing An Apprentice has much more information about how bringing an apprentice on board can give your business a boost, including the fact that 73% of employers said that hiring apprentices had a positive effect on staff morale.

An Apprenticeship Scheme Is Cost Effective

It goes without saying that hiring an apprentice will cost less than hiring a full-time employee, in large part because the government will cover most, if not all, of their costs.

The national minimum wage for apprentices is currently £4.15 an hour, and the average cost of training a new employee is £25,000. While you will spend time and resources teaching the new apprentice the skills they need for their role, there are definite cost benefits and it will also help to improve your company’s image. It’s incredibly tough out there for young people looking for their first job and giving someone that helping hand is a tremendous thing to do.