Things to Look For When Hiring Employees

When you are trying to find the right individual to fill a job position, it can be difficult to determine whether you are choosing the best candidate for the role. Your hiring checklist should include a number of different traits and qualities that indicate whether an applicant is perfect for the job. Here are some of the most important things to look for to ensure that you are always able to employ suitable individuals.

Certifications and Training

When you are hiring a new member of the team, it is important that you are able to determine whether they have the right knowledge and ability to be able to complete the tasks of the advertised role. To ensure that applicants have a good understanding of your industry, you should check whether they have completed the right qualifications and training. There are also many industry-specific certifications that can help to determine whether the personnel that you employ are licensed or prepared for the job role that you can offer them. For instance, in the construction industry, a CPCS card from SB Skills Solutions can show that the personnel under your consideration are competent and work in a safe manner.


However, if there is anything more important than qualifications in determining whether a potential employee is right for a role, it is experience. You should look specifically for candidates that have experience within your industry, or experience within a workplace environment, such as good shadowing opportunities or placements. What’s more, long-term experience, such as an internship, is the best type of work experience that applicants can have as it shows that rather than just a superficial understanding, candidates have a deeper knowledge of how your industry is run.

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be just as important as a candidate’s talent when applying for a position. They show that applicants will make competent members of the team and that they will be able to fulfil the specifications of your proffered job without any issues. The soft skills that candidates should have differ depending on the nature of the opportunity that you are offering. For instance, hiring employees that have good organisation and communication skills can create a productive and successful office environment, whereas good listening skills and empathy may be more important for roles in the nursing industry.

Willingness to Learn

If you are looking at hiring an applicant who does not meet the qualification requirements of a role, it is vital that they are willing to learn. This can help you to boost their potential and suitability for the position by allowing you to send them on training courses and sponsor any qualifications that they take. A willingness to learn is vital in today’s work climate as it allows employees to continuously grow and gain new skills that can benefit your company.

Long-Term Ambition

Long-term ambition is an integral quality in a good job candidate as this will allow you to build up a team that is dedicated to the growth of your business. This will also ensure that you can train individuals for progression opportunities, such as leadership or managerial positions, in the future.

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