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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a Tidy and Clean Office

If you manage an office space, then you probably know how challenging it can be to keep it clean and tidy. With so many employees each doing their own thing, items can get misplaced, and trash can build up. So how do you keep everything under control? And how do you encourage your workers to keep on top of the cleaning? Well, it is possible, you just have to follow a few tips.

Below, we are going to be talking about the ultimate guide to keeping a tidy and clean office. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

Choose functional furniture

While you might not realize it, office furniture plays a big part in maintaining a productive workspace. Furniture that is comfortable will help improve your employee’s wellbeing, while functional items have multiple purposes to keep everything tidy and organized. Here are a few examples of pieces you should check out:

  • Desks with plenty of storage, built-in outlets, and chargers.
  • Coffee tables with underneath storage.
  • Office chairs with built-in footrests.
  • Tables that can be expanded and compacted.

Get rid of what you don’t need

Over time, things build up around the office that you no longer need. Paperwork that is no longer relevant, faulty equipment, and old systems should be removed so that you can save space and declutter. Shred anything that is confidential, and don’t forget to recycle where possible. You may even be able to sell anything outdated and put it towards new gear.

Encourage workers to put things back after use

This one can hard to put into action, but you should try and encourage your employees to put back whatever they use once they are done with it. This way, paperwork and other supplies won’t get lost, and desks can remain free of clutter. This doesn’t just apply in the work area either. Employees need to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the break room and ensuring that the facilities are clean and tidy for the next individual.

Get each desk a trash can 

One of the best tips out there is to make sure that each worker has their own mini trash can. It may seem like an extra expense at first, but individuals are more inclined to throw out their trash if they have a waste basket within reach. Alongside this, it makes them more responsible as they have to be in charge of their own area.

Hire some assistance

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning your office space (vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, etc.), sometimes it can be worthwhile to hire a company to do it for you. Not only will this ensure that the area is adequately cleaned, but it can also improve workplace morale. Employees can spend more time focusing on essential tasks and won’t feel like they are completing things that aren’t part of their job description. To get started, check out these cleaning services London from Twinkle Clean.

Organize cables and wires

Without a doubt, one of the messiest parts of office spaces is all of those dangling cables and wires. Luckily there are few tips that you can follow to keep them clean and tidy, and you’ll reduce the risk of any trips and falls. Here are a few to take into consideration:

  • Mount your power strip/board to the desk or wall.
  • Bunch up excess cable and wrap with a tie.
  • Colour code and label each cable and the start and end for easier access.
  • Purchase charging stations that can sit neatly on each desk.

 Put in place a “no eating at the desk” policy

Your employees eating a snack here and there at their office desk may be acceptable in some settings, but it is one thing that should be avoided. Crumbs and trash will undoubtedly end up somewhere and can make the area harder to clean. Alongside this, they may attract unwanted pests such as mice and rats. Put a policy in place and try and enforce it as much as possible. It may be a difficult change, but it will be worth it.

Get double the filing space

If you think you have enough filing space, take a look again and order double of what you expect. The more you move through the year, the more paperwork you will generate, and it’s better to have extra than not enough. Remember to keep the cabinets organized and update your labels regularly. You may also look into incorporating digital software so that you can reduce paper consumption altogether.

Don’t forget to pay special attention to your archives as well. You never know when you will need to go and find something.

Give employees daily cleaning tasks

If you aren’t hiring a cleaning company and only run a small office space, you want to make sure that you divide up each of the daily cleaning tasks equally. Give everyone a responsibility so that the work is spread out. It could be that one individual will mop the floor, while the other will water the plants etc. Workers may even decide to rotate their tasks so that everyone gets a turn. Check out this commercial cleaning checklist to see what needs to be done.

Create an outdoor space for wet weather gear

Lastly, to keep things as tidy as possible, it can be wise to create an outdoor space or an area near the lobby for any wet weather gear. An umbrella/coat rack and shoe cleaning station will ensure that all the dirt and water stays outside where it belongs. Trust us when we say you won’t regret it!

Final Thoughts

And that’s it! By following the tips above, you can maintain a clean and tidy office space that is organized and efficient. You just need to work together, and each do your part to keep things in order. What do you think? Are there any other cleaning hacks or tips that you would recommend?