The top marketing analytics guide for marketers

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving. It’s a competitive arena that marketers must navigate in the quest to deliver stronger campaigns and higher lead conversion rates.

To stand the best chance of rising above the crowd and getting more customer engagement it’s essential to employ the proper analytics tools for marketing. A truly exceptional marketer is one who has access to all the data and tools to make strategic decisions and campaign optimisations.

Join us as we delve into a guide to marketing analytics and how it can help you take your future campaigns to the next level.

What is marketing analytics?

To put it simply, marketing analytics is the practice of collecting, tracking and interpreting data to determine the performance of marketing activities. It’s how you know what parts of your marketing strategies are working well and which aren’t delivering the results they should.

Analytics tools draw on data from sources including website traffic and social media impressions to customer phone call durations and conversion rates. By tracking all these key metrics and presenting them in understandable reports, they offer up important insights into your marketing activities.

Once you have that analysis to hand it becomes far easier to optimise strategies, focus on ads or activities with proven high returns and ensure that budget is allocated effectively.

The power of call tracking

A key component of the marketing analytics toolkit comes in the form of call tracking. To get the most accurate picture of your marketing performance it’s important to get a complete overview of customer activity both online and offline.

Utilising call tracking tools you can assign a unique phone number to each of your social media channels, email campaigns, billboard advertisements and any other marketing activities. This way, whenever a customer calls in, the software will identify exactly which touchpoint prompted them to engage.

These tools often incorporate speech analytics features, which capture a full transcript of the phone call and can identify keywords, the purpose and outcome of the call. With this you can gain even further insights into customer conversations and tune your marketing to match.

Performance measurement benefits

Beyond just the raw data, tracking the performance of your marketing activities will rest on key performance indicators (KPIs) set out by the business. Your department’s goals and objectives are all likely tied into quantifiable KPIs that need to be met in order to deliver solid growth and success.

With the help of analytics tools it is far easier to monitor key metrics, whether that’s conversion rates, return on investment (ROI), customer acquisition cost (CAC) or even just the number of leads generated.

Once you have this clearer picture of marketing performance you can justify future budgets and decisions with the backing of hard data. Higher ups in the business are more likely to listen to data when it comes to making choices or assessments, so take advantage of the reports that a comprehensive marketing analytics toolkit can create.

An agile mindset

In our fast-paced world you can’t risk being left behind the curve. Having the ability to assess the results of your marketing campaigns and activities in real time offers marketers of today an extra edge.

With the knowledge of which keywords or ads are driving stronger engagement and a higher number of customer calls you can adapt your strategies from day to day. If one approach isn’t working then you simply pivot to focus more energy on one that’s proven to land.

A marketer who draws on the insights provided by market analytics can make agile decisions, limiting any potential wasted spend or time pursuing avenues that don’t provide sufficient returns.

To deliver the strongest marketing campaigns, you need to have the proper marketing analytics tools at your disposal. Without the ability to accurately measure and assess the performance of your campaigns it’s impossible to determine what strategy will yield the best results for the business.

If you’re keen to step up your marketing game today then get in contact with a reputable marketing analytics provider.

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