The Pros of White Label CBD

CBD is becoming a hugely popular product. As the months go by, the UK CBD consumer market continues to expand at an incredible pace. Indeed, the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) states that the UK CBD market is estimated at £690 million, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With this increase, the number of CBD companies and brands is staggering, and it can therefore be hard to get a foothold in the saturated CBD market.

It takes a lot of effort to begin a CBD business from scratch, and constant capital flow for labour as well as raw materials are needed for the setup of a business. This is where white label CBD products step in. They have brought with them enormous opportunities for those looking to start new business ventures within the CBD sector. This article explains what white label CBD is and the pros of utilising this to help your business take off, be successful and stand out.

What is CBD?

CBD — or cannabidiol — is one of over a hundred compounds from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD can be found in the stems, leaves and flowers. It is becoming increasingly popular as its potential benefits come to light.

CBD is often linked with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), its scandalous cousin. But, the differences between them are substantial. THC is the main psychoactive compound from the Cannabis sativa plant, which has the ability to get its users ‘high’, but CBD is just not psychoactive in the same way. CBD cannot get you ‘high’ and, crucially, has not been known to cause dependency or side effects caused by addiction. THC is debatably the most famous compound of the Cannabis plant due to its psychotropic abilities. From this connection between CBD and THC, much of CBD’s stigma has originated.

CBD is believed to be a beneficial natural supplement that can maintain and support a healthy lifestyle. It is thought to bring a feeling of balance to the user and encourage the body’s homeostasis.

What is White Label CBD?

A white label product is a definition of a product that has been sold by retailers with their individual branding and logo, but an established third party has manufactured the actual product. White labelling happens when a CBD product manufacturer agrees to use the branding that the purchaser has requested instead of its own. Consequently, the finished product looks like the purchaser has made it.

A primary reason businesses decide to go down this route is because it allows them to focus on the marketing and saves them significant time. It means that a single company does not have to go through the long, costly process of creating and selling a product from scratch. In a nutshell, it saves companies time, energy and money regarding production and marketing costs. There has been a rise in demand for white label CBD products, but let’s take a closer look at some specific advantages to going down this avenue.

Advantages of White Label CBD


White labelled CBD products are often significantly cheaper. This is especially the case for business beginners or those who are unsure of what to do in terms of manufacturing. Because of this frugality, it can allow you to push your CBD business straight into the CBD market while having the confidence that the product you are selling is already safe, high-quality and enjoyed by thousands around the world. 

Fast track your business

As we have just touched upon, using a white label, CBD helps kickstart your business with little money. It’s also a good idea because you can use white labelling to test out your consumer market and see which product people are the most receptive to, allowing you to make changes towards future products you will sell. 

Pricing your product line

You have complete control over pricing these CBD products. You can often get an attractive wholesale discount if you purchase in bulk, and it is an excellent idea in terms of making money. From here, you have two options. You can either sell your products cheap because of the low manufacturing costs as well as the wholesale discount. Or, you can charge a higher amount, because you know the product is of good quality. It is always sensible to scout around to see what other CBD businesses in the same boat are doing, so you can make yours as competitive as possible. A good approach is to consider the current recommended retail price (RRP) and stay within this ballpark.


Using white label CBD helps ensure that you are using high-quality products. In fact, white label brands can be just as good as national brands (because they often have the same producers), and of course, good quality leads to happy, returning customers.

Where Should You Source White Label Products From?

It is critical to ensure that you obtain white label products from a reputable CBD product manufacturer. After all, the product will have your name on it, and so it is your reputation that will suffer if the relevant checks have not been made. Check that you source your products from a well-established CBD manufacturer with a loyal customer base. It is highly recommended to use a certified quality products provider.

Final Thoughts

White labelled CBD products are a fantastic avenue to go down if you are a new business or if your skills do not lie in manufacturing. It can also be a cheap way to get your business started. Advantages of white labelling include the ability to fast-track your business cost-effectively and using products that you know to be of high quality (as long as you do your research beforehand). It is becoming an increasingly popular option for many CBD businesses looking to get a foothold in an ever-expanding CBD market.


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