The most wanted interior doors’ styles in 2022

If we were able to turn back time to 20 years ago, we would never imagine that the doors of our houses would have become, now in 2022, one of the most requested, desired and appreciated design objects of our era. Nonetheless, as it may sound incredible – even today –, this is the mere reality.

Once we used to conceive a door (an external or an internal one, it didn’t make any difference) as a simple, yet indispensable, accessory of a building, something with a specific function and a low attractive potential from an aesthetic point of view. The aesthetic part of an architectural artifact was everything you could find past and/or beyond a door. But now the status quo has completely changed.

The reality is that, like in the past centuries (let’s say, approximately, between 13th and 18th), the house doors went back to being an essential part of a building’s overall design. Not just a diaphragm between two spaces, but an element able to give the entire environment a specific character and identity. After all, a door is probably the first thing of our house that a guest sees and touches, thus the very first impression of how we describe ourselves through the spaces we live in comes from it.

It is therefore no coincidence that, through the last decades, more and more manufacturing companies started to specialize in design doors production, trying at the same time to cope with the latest trends. The underlying idea would be managing to offer a wide range of styles and graphic templates, working at the same time with different materials, according to the customers’ taste and needs. These are the guidelines, for example, of Cocif, one of the most renowned brands for anything concerning doors and windows, an Italian company that works both with clients from the private (from the single house owners to the big hotel chains) and public sectors.

In order to have a clearer view of the most requested door styles, we have mentioned above the most significant ones in 2022.

  1. Italian. A classic and an evergreen. Solid – for the most prestigious ones – or laminated – for the cheapest, but yet fancy, models – wood is the most typical material, but the most important thing remains the design. It may not change that much, but it has the power of tradition on its side.
  2. French. Wood and glass combined together, in order to have an outlook on the next environment of the house. The ideal solution for the common areas, to be avoided in those spaces that need some privacy.
  3. Scandinavian. Glass, glass and glass again, usually mounted on an aluminum exoskeleton. Both materials are tempered and treated to be shockproof, impact-resistant and thermally insulating. The result is a door that exploits the little light available in the northernmost countries to its full potential.
  4. Thai. For those who love the Oriental style, this is currently considered the most refined one. Decorations on both faces and the finest woods are their main features. Sometimes, many trims are made of precious materials. Even gold on request, if someone can afford it.
  5. Brazilian. The widest opening ever, able to ensure a rapid and massive air circulation. The best option for the Brazilian tropical – or even equatorial – temperatures. With the global warming, they may even become a solution for the Mediterranean areas.

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