The iMind platform – a new competitor in the online conferencing market

The iMind platform is a must-have for business owners or companies.  This application was created specifically for high-quality communication between team members and clients.

The platform optimizes virtual meetings and makes it as accessible as possible for users: participants can use iMind both from IOS and Android; they can download the application or enter online meetings from a browser; they can use public or private chat when meeting, broadcast screen or whiteboard; they can not worry about their security due to the high level of data protection.

With convenient tools and features on the platform, team members located in different countries or cities can discuss work projects and grow their business.  With chat during the meeting, the ability to show the screen and conduct interactive surveys, the iMind platform demonstrates a high level of service quality. Also, iMind conferences are universal for small, medium or large businesses.  Every user gets a guarantee of quality and results.

Comparing the iMind platform with the main competitors on the market

Very often companies and enterprises are not aware of the fact that iMind is not just an analog of popular online meeting platforms. This analog has a lot of advantages over its competitors:

If we compare iMind to Zoom, iMind is easier to use than Zoom.  The platform is 30% cheaper than Zoom and offers its users the ability to record unlimited online meetings.

iMind is also much easier to learn and understand than MS Teams.  On the iMind platform, you can display a screen and make unlimited recordings of meetings in parallel.

Another competitor in online meetings is Skype.  iMind is close in its tools and functionality to Skype, but offers better data protection for its users.

Possible tariffs for iMind platform

iMind platform offers 4 plans which determine the functionality and available tools for virtual meetings.

  1. The first plan is free – it offers the following features to the participants: up to 24 hours of group meetings, possibility to conduct virtual meetings for 100 participants, access to screen broadcasting and unlimited cloud storage.
  2. The second plan is the Pro plan – it adds to the features of the free plan the ability to split into private and group rooms, no limits on the number of room URLs, up to 99 licenses per account and some other beneficial tools.
  3. Business Plan is the third plan on the iMind platform – it offers all the tools from the previous two plans and adds to them 999 account licenses; a personal customer service account; memory connectivity via WebDAV and other benefits.
  4.  The last and most comprehensive plan is the Enterprise plan – users can get priority support, cloud localization, and various analytics and system metrics.  It’s also possible to create meeting rooms in seconds and join those rooms in a single click.

The iMind platform offers users comprehensive capabilities suitable for any level of the company budget.  Quality of service remains at a high level on each of the four plans.

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