The Current Top Job Trends in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has recently seen an unprecedented number of job adverts, which indicates that the demand for workers is at an all-time high. With the local economy anticipated to expand in 2022, it’s expected that the need for new workers will continue to remain high. While many sectors are not forecasted to create new jobs for the short term, this does not mean that there are no available employment opportunities for these sectors. There’s a constant movement of staff leaving each industry for various reasons like retirement and sickness, and this creates the need to look for new workers to fill in these positions.

Mental Health Professionals

During the mental health crisis, there were many job opportunities in the NHS. Working in the mental health sector is an excellent opportunity to help the most vulnerable people in society and make a difference to these vulnerable patients, their families, and the entire community. 

Whether it is counselling, psychiatry, nursing, or any different therapies or support roles, taking up a career in Northern Ireland’s mental health sector means working in a fast-developing field where funding is increasing, and progress is fast. Every role in the mental health sector plays a key role in ensuring that mental health patients receive proper treatment at the right time.

Quantity Surveyors 

With plenty of construction work coming back strong after the pandemic, there’s a shortage of quantity surveyors in Northern Ireland. In fact, there’s an extreme shortage of skills in the construction industry in general. A report published in 2019 has highlighted this shortage, and quantity surveyors landed third on the list, which means companies are experiencing significant difficulties in recruiting and retaining quantity surveyors.

Industry experts predict a rise in building demand over the next few years. Given the ageing demographic of the workforce and the challenges of migration resulting from Brexit, the government has taken the necessary steps to address the issue. For instance, they offered £420m worth of investment for new technologies that can hopefully help minimise the time needed to construct and use energy by up to 50%.


During the pandemic, there has seen an increase in locum vet jobs in Northern Ireland. Many vets have to go into quarantine either because they got ill or exposed to a Covid-19 positive patient. Because of this, locum vets have to temporarily fill in their roles.  

One of the major reasons many vets have chosen to work as a locum is the higher wages. The best locum vets are often in demand, earning between £200 and £300 per day, with many earning more than that, especially during the height of the pandemic.

Electronics Engineering

There are various opportunities in the field of electronics engineering in Northern Ireland. Job prospects for those who graduated from the Electronics Engineering course are fantastic. Currently, the country does not have the rate of growth needed to address the overall demand for electronics engineering, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for home-bred engineers. And as you know, once the demand for the profession exceeds the supply, the salary rate is expected to increase.

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