The Advantages of Using a Business Answering Service

While many small business owners work hard to promote their own personal cell phones and provide quality customer service, some simply can’t afford the expense. Today’s busy entrepreneur needs reliable incoming telephone lines. However, depending on a landline or cellular plan that allows unlimited incoming calls may not be economically feasible.

Even when you have the technology in place, if people call your business line and get a voice message, they tend to be more frustrated and stressed after listening to a recording instead of having a live person on the other end. So, by the time you get back to them, you’re already having to work hard to get them back on side before dealing with their original reason for calling.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, a business answering service can provide the perfect solution. We’ve identified the top five advantages of using a business answering service so that you can see how this could be the ideal solution for your business.

1. Professionalism

A business answering service is staffed by trained professionals who answer the phone as if they were your employees. Selected specifically for this type of work, they’re not just taking messages from clients; they’re able to handle any kind of call that comes through, including order-taking, scheduling appointments, or even responding to complaints.

Having professionals on staff can free up valuable hours of personal time while also providing peace of mind by knowing that every call is being handled correctly.

2. 24/7 availability

We have become more and more used to being able to contact the big companies’ night and day seven days a week, but that’s tough for a small business to compete with.

Then when you are open for business, there’s no telling how many times the phone will ring and whether you’ll be able to take the call or be busy with something else. While your clients are loyal, even the most devoted ones may not call at a convenient time or get distracted along the way and forget to call back.

There will also be times when you just can’t take the call during normal working hours. So, whether it’s a team day out, everyone going down with the flu, or a power outage, with a business answering your calls will still be answered.

With an answering service on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can have coverage at all times.

3. Call screening

There are certain types of calls that you just don’t need while working in your office. For instance, a marketing call might be helpful, but if you’re chaotically busy finishing a proposal, you need to know that you won’t be interrupted until you finish.

A call handling service can be briefed on what calls can be put through and when.

4. No need for an extra number and equipment

Most small businesses that do their own telephone answering already have a number, so they don’t want another one cluttering up their marketing materials. With a business answering service, you can have one number ring through to you wherever you are, with no additional cost of equipment such as call forwarding or three-way calling.

5. More free time to do other things

When you or your team are busy answering calls, then you’re not getting other tasks done. Just how many sales have been lost because you’ve got bogged down on calls which someone else could have helped with? When you choose a business answering service, you get time back to run the business, and your calls never go unanswered.

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