The 14 Best Brokerage Account Promotions and Bonuses for 2021

Modern young people prefer a free work schedule with the opportunity to travel and work at the same time. And when the desire to work disappears, they prefer to travel and enjoy life. However, this requires capital that will provide the necessary passive income. In this situation, investment is an excellent option.

With the expansion of the Internet, online investments have become one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to raise funds dozens of times by playing on the stock market. Many different enterprises, such as jkr company offer their services as platforms for placing investment funds and helping clients use the maximum potential of financial assets.

But, as the industry grows, many new brokerage platforms emerge, and to attract new clients, they are constantly fighting to improve the quality and conditions of the provided services. The most efficient ways to draw the client’s attention to the brokerage company are special promotions and bonus offers.

Types of brokerage account promotions

Brokerage companies offer different types of promotions and the number of bonuses that can be received on the account. The chances of using the bonus depend on its profitability.

One of the most common types of promotions is the first deposit bonus. By creating a new account and replenishing it with a certain amount of money, a client can get additional funds. Besides, instead of funds, some companies allow receiving stock of shares that can be profitably sold.

There is a type of bonus that is designed for attracting a new audience. The client receives additional money for the transfer of an existing account from a competing company.

Additionally, some companies reward their existing users for attracting new customers. Such a system of promotions is called a referral. If a person signs up using a referral link, the client who provided it will receive a bonus to his account.

Most brokerage enterprises are developing unique bonus offers to become superior on the market.

Brokerage Account Promotions

The 14 Best Brokerage Account Promotions

1. SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest gives a proposition for transferring an existing account into the SoFi system with a bonus offer of up to 2500$.

2. BlockFi

Cryptocurrency investments are going higher every day, and with BlockFi special promotion for new customers, any person can get from 15$ to 250$ for the first deposit.

3. Betterment

For new customers, Betterment provides special offerings for managing an account without fees for a few months, depending on the amount of the account’s first replenishment.

4. Ally Invest

The multi-level offer system distinguishes Ally Invest from all the brokerages. The first deposit guarantees a considerable bonus.

5. Robinhood

Robinhood provides an entry bonus for new clients with a significant share of stocks with an estimated value of around 250$.

6. Webull

Webull gives two stocks for the first deposit on the new account with a minimum value of 8$ and a maximum of 1850$.

7. M1 Finance

For those people who will change the brokerage company, M1 Finance gives an excellent offer for transferring a profile and obtaining up to 3500$.


NVSTR company referral system provides a bonus for the new user and for the person who sent a referral link.

9. TD Ameritrade

As an introduction, TD Ameritrade gives a cash bonus with a value of up to 2500$ for creating and replenishing a new account.

10. Stash

For the clients who are looking for a brokerage company with low limits, Stash is a great choice with a 5 dollars bonus for the first 5$ payment.

11. Charles Schwab

To participate in Charles Schwab’s introductory promotion, the new customer needs to get a referral link from an existing client of the brokerage company.

12. Merrill Edge

For new clients, Merrill Edge prepared a bonus with up to 600$ of extra cash.

13. E*Trade

Making a new account and replenishing it for the first time guarantees a bonus of up to 2500$

14. Tastyworks

For making the first deposit of 2000$, a customer will get a share of stocks with an estimated value of around 600 dollars.

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