Reasons Why You Should Use Vertical Grow Lights 

As the name suggests, vertical farming is farming that is done with the crops being stack on vertical layers. This farming is done indoors as opposed to normal farming where crops are grown on an open farm. Having crops grown on the inside necessitates that they are looked after often by having artificial light being supplied to the crops. 

Vertical farming is hence an investment in itself and is mostly done by farmers who have access to small spaces but wish to yield high productivity as well. This kind of farming is unique in that the crops are not planted on soil but rather uses methods such as aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. 

Vertical farming consumes less water on crops as opposed to normal farming. It is however a more expensive kind of farming but has an advantage in that the crops can be planted at any time of the year as they do not rely on any weather or season to grow. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Vertical Grow Lights 

There are various reasons why a vertical farmer should use vertical grow lights. This article will highlight five reasons why you should use vertical grow lights to enhance your vertical farming. 

Help in growing plants indoors

Vertical farming is farming that stacks food crops in vertical stacks. These food crops are grown indoors hence the crops are not in touch with the natural light as opposed to the plants that grow in the open. The food crops that are grown through vertical farming are flowers, microgreens, different kinds of vegetables, and house plants. 

Vertical grow lights are important in enabling vertical farming to succeed especially because the food crops grown under this farming do not get natural light. 

Starting seeds for spring

Another good reason for using vertical grow lights is to start seeds to use during the spring season. This season is termed as of fresh beginnings. It is a season that awakens animals, fresh buds bloom and everything on earth seemingly wakes up. 

The vertical grow lights will help a vertical farmer start seeds of crops that they want to plant during the spring season. As earlier mentioned, vertical farming does not rely on natural light, and for seeds to mature and become seedlings and get to a point of being planted they need light. In vertical farming, this light can only emanate from vertical grow lights. 

Plant propagation 

Plant propagation involves creating brand new plants. For new plants to come forth through vertical farming, vertical grow lights are necessary. This is because plants need light and vertical farming uses artificial light and this light in vertical farming is sourced from vertical grow lights. 

Extension of daylight hours 

Despite vertical farming not requiring natural light because the farming happens indoors, daylight or the warmth from natural light passes through the walls of where the farming goes through. Vertical grow lights hence assist extend daylight hours for plants that are grown under vertical farming. 

Some of the food crops under vertical farming require hot days to grow well. It is for this reason that vertical grow lights are necessary to extend daylight hours for the food crops to grow well. 

A longer growing season in climates where it gets colder sooner 

Seasons are never the same, some are way cold that necessitates plants’ extra warmth for them to grow. Food crops grown under vertical farming need extra warmth in these cold seasons especially because the farming happens indoors. Vertical grow lights hence provide longer growing seasons in climates where it gets colder sooner than expected.


People who do vertical farming should ensure that they get themselves vertical grow lights for their crops to grow in the right way. Vertical grow lights will enrich the food crops and will additionally help the vertical farmers maintain the crops to their maturity.

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