Northern Irish Gaming Developers Making Their Mark

The gaming industry has become a hugely burgeoning business in 2021, and that’s no different in Northern Ireland. One of the biggest factors in its meteoric rise has been the rapid advancement of online gaming. This has obviously been especially evident in countries where the population has easy access to high-speed internet. Northern Ireland reigns supremely high in that aspect, with over eighty percent of the population having access to the internet, and nine out of ten people having an internet connection inside their home.

Online Gaming On the Ris

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With business booming in the gaming industry then, it’s exciting to see that several games developers from Northern Ireland are starting to make their mark.

Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd.

One of the biggest is Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd., which is based in the capital city of Belfast, and has been around since 2010. Back when it was first founded though, the company was a 3D animation studio, which specialised in producing animated adverts which found themselves being played on Northern Irish television. It only took them a year though, to figure out that they’d rather be using their creative talents to make video games. So, with a little help from the people over at Northern Ireland Screen, which is the national screen agency, they turned their attention towards crafting virtual worlds.

After much hard work, the company released their first game in 2016. Her Majesty’s SPIFFING was released on a variety of consoles, including PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It also was released on PC on the Steam store, so computer rig owners can get their fix too. The game is a hilarious point-and-click adventure that takes great inspiration from the developers’ love of giants of the genre, such as the classic by Lucas Art’s, The Secret of Monkey Island. It received mostly warm reviews, with critics raving about the witty writing on show, and for its cutting political humour.

The company’s next release came in 2019, and showed the versatility of the creators, as it was a frantic kart racer. Supermarket Shriek again featured on consoles and PC, and was again a small hit, this time though due to its crazed multi-player capabilities. It’s safe to say, then, that the future looks awfully bright for Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd., and gamers should be full of anticipation for whatever hilarity they choose to deliver next.

Whitepot Studios

Another Northern Irish games developer making waves on the scene is Whitepot Studios, who are again based in Belfast. The company was founded in 2016 by Adam Whiteside and Vicky Potts, hence the ‘Whitepot’ name. The core team also includes a few extremely talented artists, illustrators, and animators. They are located within The Pixel Mill, which is Northern Ireland’s first co-working space, catering exclusively for companies that specialise in the creative industries.

Their most recent release has been Stargazing, which is a soothing puzzle game, and is a great choice for letting some steam off online. The best news is that it is free to download on both Android and iPhone mobiles, and will soon, hopefully, be released on PC. The idea of the game is to complete dot-to-dot puzzles to make constellations in the night sky, and it’s all set to relaxing lo-fi beats, allowing for the user to almost enter a meditative state as they play.

The company are hoping to release a multi-player murder mystery game next. Imagine a truly interactive virtual Cluedo, mixed with all the deceit of the massively popular video game Among Us

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